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My name is Patricia and today I’d like to take you on a short walk around part of the Aegerisee in the kanton of Zug in Switzerland. My family and I were meant to be going snowshoeing, but as you will see from the video, despite this being filmed in February, there was too little snow. We went for a lovely 14km walk instead.

The Aegerisee is an important location in terms of the Swiss confederacy, it was here near the small village of Morgarten, that an important battle was fought in 1315, in which the then Swiss coalition defeated the mighty Habsburg army. You’d never guess that now, it’s a beautiful but sleepy place. We found a lovely restaurant there and had a tasty lunch.

Zug is located in the German speaking part of Switzerland and the word See is translated into English as lake. Switzerland as you might know, is a country of 4 languages and so the lakes are also known as Lago, Lag and lac and my Irish family call them Loughs. I’m interested to know what they are called elsewhere in the non English speaking world, email me, let me know.

Today as we take our little stroll together, I’ll read you a selection of haiku and senryu about lakes from around the world. My thanks to all the poets who sent me their submissions.

Let’s head off then, on the shady side of the Aegerisee and take a walk.

on a frigid dawn
the Sun ascends in concert
with mists from a Lake

Andrew Syor

the ice-rimmed lake
closing in on itself —
dad reviews his will

Shelley Krause

The loon calls across
the misty morning water;
pulling me to home

Tara Steciuk

deer step through frost smoke
forage, taut skin over ribs
ice falling splashes

Jeremy Proehl

i wade
into summer

Roberta Beary – 2007 Penumbra Haiku Contest HM

along the lake edge
reed heads nudge each other
the breeze went that way

Elaine Patricia Morris

pine breeze
carried away
by the waves

Jonathan Roman

cutting the water
with the bow of the canoe
rippled morning pines

Gregory G Finn

Newspaper sailboats
Cannonball tsunamis sink
Yesterday’s headlines

Jennifer Ruth Jackson

placid lake
the sky mirrors
my thoughts

Hemapriya Chellappan

melting mountain peaks
deep in the blue of the lake
reflections remain

Kim Russell

Scrambling after mom,
bright yellow quacking fluff balls ~
Plop! Plop! Plop! First swim.

Barbara Carlson

skipping stones —
the blue sky shivers
grows calm

m shane pruett

lonely forest lake
the splashing and laughter
from childhood days

Isabella Kramer

whitecaps on the lake
the house
gains echoes

Craig Kittner

lake breeze
further I sink
into stillness


put away the boat
before the water freezes
on the quiet lake

Jason Gould

mountain lake
I navigate the depths
of her silence

John Hawkhead – (part of a Haiku Foundation dialogue curated by KJ Munro)

mist descending –
at the water’s edge, too late
for the last ferry

Dorothy Burrows

spring thaw
the lake’s rough skin
recovers its softness

D J Kelly – #1 Nourish (January 2018)

in the old
retention pond
new geese

Julie Bloss Kelsey

Loons swoop from the sky
Their plaintive wails resounding
Return home to lake

Thomas Lovett

twilight on the lough
this sense of something

Marion Clarke

lake sunset
all the way to the float
and back

Kristen Lindquist

glassy lake
flocks of snow geese
pull up the moon

Debbie Strange – 1st Place, 2017 Autumn Moon Haiku Contest

full moon
across the lake

James Young

in the lake
another faraway moon
headman’s daughter

Isabel Caves

full white moon
and a thousand candles
light the lake

Christina Chin

the lifting
of lake fog
after lovemaking

es hebt sich
der Nebel am See
nach dem Liebesakt

Michael Morell Chrysanthemum #14, October 2013

Thank you for your company today. I hope you’ve enjoyed these verses and the little bit of Switzerland I was able to show you. Perhaps you could subscribe to the poetry pea channel and even leave a comment.

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Goodbye for now and til next time, keep writing.

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