Well hello and welcome to episode 16 of the third series of the haiku pea podcast. I’m Patricia and today I’d like to read you haiku and senryu on the topic of joy.

I have a little bit of housekeeping today. Thank you for all my coffees. Did I already tell you that I now have enough to buy a bit of software which should make the website a little bit more user-friendly? In particular the poets’ directory.  I’m not sure when I’ll be able to put it into action. I have to sweet talk my husband who will be doing it for me and probably take him out for a few more coffees.

I’d like to thank everyone who sent me an email with universally positive feedback for episode 15, the one with Ben Gaa and Roger Watson. I’d like to do some more of these, indeed I have a couple lined up and if you can think of someone that you’d particularly like to hear from let me know by email and I’ll try and get hold of them and create a little bit of audio and video for you.

Speaking of creating a little bit of audio, Ben Gaa is back in the next episode to read you more of his haiku but in October I don’t have any readings. Who would like to step up to the plate?

As I told you last time the summer edition of the Poetry Pea journal of haiku and senryu is out now, both in paperback and kindle version. I know some of you can only get the kindle version in your territory and have given me a positive feedback, so I’ll continue creating both versions going forward.

A quick reminder that I’m accepting submissions for the topic of loss, your deadline is the 1st of September, emails only please. Try not to use the word loss in your verse show me instead a moment of haiku about loss.

We had a very large number of submissions for today’s topic. It was a topic that seem to inspire verse from our regular poets and poets new to the podcast. A huge thanks to Robert Horrobin who was the editor for the submissions. I’ll be reading one verse from all the poets whose work Robert accepted but don’t forget there will be bonus haiku and senryu in the autumn journal, as there are in all the Poetry Pea Journals.

I’ve changed the format slightly. I’ll still read a few haiku which have been previously published and then I have split this weeks original verses into groups, because it struck me that the verses fit quite naturally into certain categories. I’m not going to tell you what these connections are, it will be interesting to know what you think, so if you have any ideas email me.

This time I’m going to try a method which I’ve acquired from Ben Gaa so that you know when each category begins and ends. Let me know if it helps.

I will read the poem first and then let you know who wrote it.

Previously published

rosy dawn
our paddles stippled
with petals

Debbie Strange
Highly Commended
2019 New Zealand Poetry Society Int’l Competition

From A Moment’s Longing: Haiku Society of America Members’ Anthology 2019, edited by Tanya McDonald.

Her winning

Robert Epstein

Original Work

We’ll kickoff today with one of the poets who are new to us:

so sweet
that joy that is almost

**Karla Linn Merrifield

…the dull ache
of first love

Vandana Parashar

seeping into me
a love ballad

Richa Sharma

record scratch
I chortle at
his dance moves

Kelli Lage

grandpa’s shadow
sitting from across him . . .
moonlight tales

**Taofeek Ayeyemi

a love letter
signed in italics
“Your  Fool”

Bakhtiyar Amini

sunny drizzle –
your zest
my lemon cake

Dorothy Burrows

smiling …
in his eyes
a rainbow

Daniela Misso

geishas silk
painted red lips–sigh
artificial joy

Linda L Ludwig

a cowgirl tossing
her smile, as if I might
get away

Rp Verlaine

crying tears
of joy
the new mother

Laura Lynn Driscoll

tears turning to rain
footprints become memories
puddles of joy

Michael Feil

Priory ruins glow
Vibrations kiss air hugged skin
Emerald body floats

**Katy Simpson

The next three poets that we hearing from are new to the podcast.

the raindrops out of the tree—

**Diana Salusia

soap bubbles
a boy chases
his laughter

**Veronika Zora Novak

first rain . . .
children jump and dance

**Owolabi Awwal Olanrewaju

fistful of sweets
today I am
a kid at heart

Tiffany Shaw Diaz

first day of school
the excited chatter
of starlings

Marilyn Ward

a little girl’s laughter
runs in circles

m shane pruett

evening breeze…
my niece lets me
pinch her cheeks

Neelam Dadhwal

Sunday in Paris—
children’s boats float
in the pond

Elaine Wilburt

at long last
no more sleepless nights…
school project

Willie R Bongcaron

touching grass
for the first time —
toddler toes

Julie Bloss Kelsey

The next two poets are new to the podcast. The first poet, Jeff, is a fellow resident of Zürich and the crossover from my career. He’s also writing about something which brings me great joy.

the sweetest of spots
sound of willlow
on leather

**Jeff Brake

crossing the line
plumes of coloured smoke rise
with the cheers

**Michael Kitchen

fake Heidi
wears Gucci
on her morning hike


impromptu karaoke
after dinner

Dr Tim Gardiner

unknown melody
unheard lyrics
yet the heart soars

Anjali Warhadpande

Beethoven’s ninth
the children try to stop

Jay Friedenberg

August night
crickets pleasing symphony
a woman discos

Bhawana Upadhyay

shostakovitch two
movement one climactic phrase
chills up and down spine

Richard Bailly

We have only one new poet in this section of the podcast listen out for Kevin Flanigan

ah, the smell
of fresh ground coffee
…this morning’s enema

wendy c bialek

out of the darkness
something special is brewing
first tea of the day

Sarah Bint Yusef

one-by-one blueberries

Roberta Beach Jacobson

Sweetness of wild fruit
Summer on wetted lips
Juices of sipped sin

Richard Hargreaves

two worlds blend
spicy and hot

Barbara Carlson

boiling honey
a scent of warm orange blossoms
permeates the house

**Kevin Flanagan

the mint wafer

Christina Chin

Let’s start this section with a poet new to the podcast:

wind chimes –
the joy of
reading haiku

**Neera Kashyap

butterfly net –
chasing words
for this haiku

Valentina Ranaldi Adams

windowless room
a book of haiku
takes him outside

David Oates

within pages the secret life of a bookworm

Rashmi VeSa

the words on the page
begin to shine

Jonathan Roman

midnight latte
some roasted peanuts
and a sonnet

Zahra Mughis

In this section I’m going to introduce you to three poets new to the podcast. Keep an ear out for Maggie Roycraft, Lorraine Padden and Melissa Patterson

tilt left
careen to the right
first two wheeler

**Maggie Roycraft

british racing green
polished paintwork shiny chrome
1964 MGB

Rob McKinnon

my white knuckle ride
he drives over Jackson Heights
joy in his eyes

Elaine Patricia Morris

banners and kleenex
in every hand-
troops returning home

**Lorraine Padden

She hums happily
as I blow dry her hair
Autumn morning

**Melissa Patterson

happier than the bride
her great-grandmother
catches the bouquet

Tracy Davidson

twilight years…
the joy of turning in

Jason Furtak

Two poets in this section are new to the podcast. Hello to Riham-El Ashry and Garrett Schuelke

closed lids fluttering sun and shadow leaves

Craig Kittner

old walk
brand new leaves

Jane Berg

sun beams behind leaves
sparkling on my teeth

**Riham El-Ashry

Trees with
love carvings
heal themselves

**Garret Schuelke

halfway up the tree
I consider
my next move

Giddy Nielsen Sweep

heavenly sky
I climb the ladder
of an old pine

Kristen Lindquist

flowering apple tree
the joy of pollination
honey bees

Eva Drobná

Listen out for Lekha Desai Morrison, Veronica Eisert, and Mike Rehling who are the three poets new to the podcast in this section.

the sun shines
the flower captures
smiles everywhere

**Lekha Desai Morrison

picnic basket
picking some wild flowers
to see her smile

Cyrille Soliman

flowers for August
in the full sun that makes sure
they become pure bliss.

**Veronica Eisert

a dandelion seed
the thrill of possibilities

**Mike Rehling

in the fields
buttercups brush my legs
with stardust

Jenni Wyn Hyatt

Poppy field red alert
stretching beyond seeing,
lost in it’s oneness

Ian Speed

pink peony
opens to the sun
a geisha’s lips

Kim Russell

Nature – flying things

There are five poets in this section who have never written for us before. Beth Cusack, an’ya, Angela Terry, BA France and Carrie Ann Thunell

dragonfly lifts me
its wings in sunlight reveal
a web of bright truth.

**Beth Cusack

sun erupts into day
dragonfly wings
ignite  the air

Robert Quezada

I touch my fingers
to a butterfly


morning shadows
and then suddenly
a butterfly

**Angela Terry

no butterfly
but a spent yellow leaf
just as beautiful

Mike Gallagher

I didn’t notice
the butterfly that
landed on me

Narayanan Subramanian

bumblebee napping
— simple happiness
in an open bloom

**BA France

a lady bug
on the boc choi—
dancing wind chimes

**Carrie Ann Thunell

gravity has
no hold on the sky-lark’s
spiraling song

Hannah Hulbert

We will start this section by welcoming a poet who is new to the podcast.

home at last
a baby turtle
dives into the ocean

**Rajeshwari Srinivasan

still pond
the coot chicks
near grown


Dog tongue hanging
Wind-blown ears flapping
Out a car window

Linda L. Kruschke

unlocking sound
behind the door
a wagging tail

Tomislav Sjekloća

sun trap
the cat’s tail tickles
my toes

Debbie Strange

Fiona, our only poet new to the podcast in this section, turns on the light for us:

On this full moon night
A scattering of stars
Brings the shadows to light

**Fiona H

seeing the comet
i throw my hat in the air
it lands first

James Young

midnight bay
beyond the shingle
our stepping-stone stars

John Hawkhead

power cut–
the joy of shadow birds
in the candle light

Srinivas S

Of the three poets in this section, only one is a regular, Wayne Kingston, who incidently has a new book out. A big hello to Trey Treeful and RJ Tungsten.

sliver of blue sky
after yesterday’s grey day
a magic carpet

**Trey Treeful

Shadows from the clouds
Provide relief from the sun;
Breathe in the beauty

**RJ Tungsten

plump cloud vapor
bright cerulean

summer quilting

Wayne Kingston   New Book: Sound the Depth Paperback – June 16, 2020

And we will finish with six poets who are regulars to the podcast.

filling emptiness
waves dance over each other–
the sky meets the sea

Professor R K Singh    New Book: God Too Awaits

tiny spring
flows freely along the trails
calm trickle

Serlina Rose

by summer heat
a rivulet’s joy

Paul Callus

at one with nature
seasonal observations
from my balcony

Andrew Syor

wild barley –
blonde hair blowing
in a prairie wind

Art Fredeen

vista point
those few moments alone
with the horizon

Deborah P Kolodji

My sincere thanks to everybody who took part in today’s podcast. It’s been a real honour to read your work.

Don’t forget if the inspiration hits you to email me your submissions for loss, deadline first of September.

Thank you once again to Robert Horrobin for editing today’s submissions. I know you’re missing all the wonderful haiku dropping into your inbox, Robert, but we’ll do it again.

You should also be able to find today’s poets in the poets’ directory on the website. If someone is missing just let me know and I’ll put it right.

Thank you so much to everyone for coming along and listening to this episode I look forward to welcoming you in a couple of weeks. I think I have more treats for you then. But until then don’t forget, keep writing…

If there is something missing from the shownotes just email me and I’ll sort it out for you. Ciao

**Poets new to the podcast.

Series 3 Episode 16: Joy

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