Hello, and welcome to the haiku pea podcast, Episode 14 of the 3rd series. Today we’re going on a voyage, well lots of voyages actually.

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Today’s topic was suggested by Patrick Stephens, our American in France and I’m happy to say we’ll hear something from him for the first time in a little while today.

As usual I have three sections of the podcast, some work that has been previously published, work by poets new to the podcast and of course, work by wonderful regular contributors. Thank you to you all.

One last very important thank you, to James Young who has become our very first guest editor. I had chosen some work before I invited James to help me, but in the main the choices are his. It was such a treat to work with someone else on the submissions, and I think we both learnt something from each other. Thanks James, much appreciated.

If you would like to work with me as a guest editor, just drop me an email and we’ll work something out.


Waiting for the train
alone on the platform
swatting mosquitoes

Prof R K Singh
Tiny Words 05 Feb 2002

when I close my eyes
the Moor whisper

Teiichi Suzuki

HAIKU DIALOGUE – The Haiku Mind – Travel

stone cairns
a faded cap drifts

Debbie Strange

1st Place, HSA 2015 Harold G. Henderson Haiku Contest


travel in Covid
atlas pages in colour
imagine me there

**Laura Lynn Driscoll

Laura Lynn is married to her husband of thirty-one years (Dax), she is the mother of two adult daughters and the fun-loving grandmother of four grandchildren.
Laura Lynn was first inspired to write poetry in 2013 while reading “Sitting by My Laughing Fire” by Ruth  Bell Graham. She also enjoys painting, her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas. Laura Lynn paints with an abstract impressionist style and often prefers to use a palette knife exclusively if not alongside her brush.
Having reached the pinnacle of her nursing career, working as an Office Nurse for a Family Physician in Ontario, Laura Lynn resigned in 2019 to relocate West. With the support of her husband, Laura Lynn retired from nursing and last fall they set out to satisfy a quest for change; to embrace an opportunity to live closer to their youngest daughter and her family in Western Canada, invariably allowing Laura Lynn to pursue her dream of writing poetry and painting. More recently she started sharing her poetry on Twitter and if desired, you can follow her @Lauralynn4poems

strolling footpaths
discovering treasures,
such splendour

**Serlina Rose

Serlina lives the Nature isle of the Caribbean, Dominica, where she’s presently an entrepreneur and a volunteered secretary for her community youth group. She an avid reader, nature lover and adventure seeker, and she writes poetry in her spare time, letting her thoughts, opinions, emotions, and everything inspire her work.  She’s not a published poet, but never knows what the future holds, for now, she’s happy to share her work via her social media accounts and grateful for the positive feedback.

storm-split trees
a meandering river
finds the estuary

**Alison Lock

Alison Lock writes poetry, short fiction and creative non-fiction – the author of two short story collections, three collections of poetry, and a novella, as well as contributor to several anthologies. Her short fiction has won/been listed in a number of competitions: The London Magazine, The Sentinel Literary Quarterly, The Tillie Olsen Award, The Carve Esoteric Prize. Her first collection of poetry A Slither of Air was a winner of the Indigo Dreams Poetry Collection Competition 2010. She has an MA in Literature Studies from York St John University. Her work focuses on the relationship of humans and the environment, connecting an inner world with an exploration of land and sea, a love of nature, through poetry and prose.

where oceans collide
poverty and wealth entwine
redolent of home

**Shaun Temple Brown

Shaun is originally from the city of Derby in the UK. After graduating from Warwick University with an Economics degree, his career in Audit & Risk has taken him all over the world – from New York to Tokyo, Singapore to London. This has included a memorable three years living in Cape Town, South Africa where he developed his love of the sea. Shaun has a long-standing interest in haiku, but has only recently started to compose his own. He is married with twin daughters and now lives near the jurassic coast in Dorset, UK.

summer sun,
I pass by my old self
on the gravel road

**Kelli Lage

 Kelli Lage lives in the Midwest countryside with her husband, Ryan, and dog, Cedar. Lage is currently earning her degree in English Education. She has a passion for education, reading, and writing. Lage’s work is often inspired by nature, her love for her husband, and processing emotions along with life’s valleys. Lage states she is here to give readers words that resonate and bring peace.

summer snow-storm
dandelion seeds in flight
seek a place to rest

**Sarah Connor

Originally from South Yorkshire, Sarah Connor now lives in the wild south west of England, surrounded by mud and apple trees. She has spent many  years working with children and young people with mental health difficulties, and is now wondering what new adventures are out there.

through my window
toward sunshine dreaming
childhood long ago

**Melody O’Neil

Melody is Australian and a member of the lovely Giddy Nielsen- Sweep’s haiku group.

hungry seeds
inside ripened fruits
awaiting voyage

**S Narayanan

Born in 1965 in Chennai, Narayanan Subramanian did his schooling in Chennai. He graduated from Madras University in Mathematics and did his post-graduation in Public Administration through correspondence course while being employed. He also holds a post-graduate diploma in Advertising Management and a master’s degree in psychology.

He was employed in the general insurance industry intially for 4 years and is now employed with a leading Indian Asset Management Company for almost three decades now.

He picked up some flair for writing and art appreciation from his father Late Mr K R Subramanian who was a connoisseur of art and literature including English literature.

Narayanan writes daily limerick in Twitter and haikus in SM. He also writes Tamil freestyle poems that are basically angry retorts that agitates his ideas.

He has not published any works yet but is working on translating Thirukkural, the 7 word verse (4 words 3 words format)  from Tamil into English in the same format.

crossing the border
I change a word
in my haiku

**Andrea Cecon

Andrea Cecon is a hearing aids technician, a traveller, a haijin published worldwide and also an ebook apprentice. Residing in Cividale, Italy, with his wife, Russian haijin Valeria Simonova-Cecon. He finds his inspiration in memories, travels, and the everyday life.

Soft pink petals float
Whisked by spring winds to water
Covering for streams

**Matthew Weigelt

Matthew Weigelt is an author and speaker. His book, The Adventures of the Mysterious Matt Barnes, is based on a unique college roommate who held tea parties. The second book in the series will be released in late 2020. He speaks about the different aspects of the writing process. His love of writing began due to summertime boredom. These days, he prefers writing on his phone at a busy fast food joint, watching all the diverse customers. He lives in Indiana with his wife and two boys.

Journey to a land
Far and deep and high
my home above

**Linda L Kruschke

Linda L. Kruschke writes candid memoir and fearless poetry, and delves into hard issues others tend to avoid. She is a recovering lawyer and sexual assault survivor, and she aspires to show women that God’s redemption and healing are just a story away.

beautiful day
walking from the house
to the car

**Michael Baribeau

Michael Baribeau of Michigan. Only in his later years did he discover he didn’t hate all poems, only pretentious ones. Ever since then he’s found profound insight and art in poetry. He mostly reads but occasionally composes for fun.

a kaleidoscope
of fractured dreams
coming back together

**Sarah Calvello

Sarah Mahina Calvello, She is a part-time student at city College of San Francisco living in San Francisco. She is published currently mostly haiku. She enjoys coffee,, dogs and writing.

farmlands, failing towns
quivering in miles of haze –
no where to go

**Elder Gideon

Elder Gideon holds an MFA in poetry, keeps a decades-long iconography practice, teaches high school English to underrepresented students, and is in discipleship learning the oral tradition of a Gnostic master, Tau Malachi, with whom he co-authored “Gnosis of Guadalupe” (EPS Press, 2017).

Elder Gideon thrives in collaboration. He produced and performed his chapbook “Owl Songs” set to original music by Sean Wall. This is available on all music streaming services. Collaborating with Sean Wall, and Canadian filmmaker Bevan Klassen, Elder Gideon produced and narrated an experimental documentary “Dark Before Dawn,” which will debut with Woven Tale Press summer 2020.

Elder Gideon is queer. He writes from a metaphysical urgency. This selection (in addition to fifteen already published) come from his first manuscript “Aegis of Waves,” for which he’s seeking publication.

sudden rain –
a baby spider climbs
my neck

**Rachel Magaji

Rachel Rabo Magaji is a creative writer from Kaduna State. She’s a graduate of Environmental Management from Kaduna State University, Nigeria.

Her literary work has been featured in hedgerow #130, haikuniverse, femku issue 22, Sprinng Literary Movement, Akitsu Quarterly 2020 Summer, the bamboo hut, abbyamam’s blog, daachiever’s blog and stardust haiku issue 42.

Have you ever read the poem by Wendy Cope, Bloody Men?  which starts:

Bloody men are like bloody buses –
You wait for about a year
And as soon as one approaches your stop
Two or three others appear.

Well I’m not exasperated as Wendy was about men and buses, but delighted to say our next poet Jane Berg, is also from Africa, this time South Africa.

behind their time zone
I think of the ones I love
asleep tomorrow

**Jane Berg

Jane Berg is a writer and photographer from Wilderness, South Africa. Her poetry has appeared in Badilisha Poetry X-change, the Silver Birch Press blog, The Drabble, among others. She can usually be found tweeting haiku and micro-poetry @nowiammyself

night camp
a mosquito flying
into the fire

** Rahma Jimoh

Rahma O. Jimoh is a young writer and poet. Some of her works have appeared or are forthcoming in the African Haiku Journal, Hedgerow, Stardust, The Wales Haiku Journal, The Quills, Funminiyi anthology(Si(GH)lent nights) and elsewhere. She’s a lover of nature and tourism.

ancient temples and
satellite dishes
along the Nile

**Jenni Wyn Hyatt

Jenni Wyn Hyatt was born in Maesteg, South Wales, in 1942 but now lives in Derbyshire, England. A retired English teacher, she did not start to write poetry until she was in her late sixties. Her subjects include childhood memories, nature, injustice and war and she also writes humorous poems and short forms such as haiku and tanka as well as translating poetry from Welsh to English. She has published two collections, ‘Perhaps One Day’ (2017) and ‘Striped Scarves and Coal Dust’ (2019).

summer scorch
watching the alpine peaks
daydreams melt

**Zahra Mughis

Spellbound by the magic of words, Zahra Mughis is an aspiring writer and poet from Lahore, Pakistan. A student of economics and social sciences, she enjoys juggling between numbers and words.
A course activity in college introduced her to haiku as a Japanese poetry form during, and she has been fascinated by it ever since. Stringing together words and verses to capture moments and tell stories of life, wonder, and joy, she started her own tanshi (micropoetry) journey in 2019.
A scribbler, she also writes prose and essays. Her other interests include history, culture, cityscape, and cricket.

a scent of lemon—
twilight gilds
the Fontana di Trevi

**Elaine Wilburt

A graduate of Middlebury College, Elaine received a 2019 Creatrix Haiku Award and lives in Maryland with her husband, five children, mother, and one spoiled dog. She enjoys baking bread and other treats for her family.
Elaine began writing haiku about two years ago. Her haiku, senryu, haibun, and photo haiku and haiga have appeared in many genre-specific journals, including Frogpond, Modern Haiku, and Wales Haiku Journal. Jalmurra selected one of her poems as its “Best Micropoem of 2019.” Her fiction and Western-tradition poems have appeared in The Cresset, Gyroscope Review, Route 7 Review, Heart of Flesh, and Ekphrastic Review, among others. She volunteers as a copy editor for Better Than Starbucks.

daring to set out
makes a big difference
home sweet home

**Lana M Rochel

Lana M. ‘Rochel is an author, writer, and poet who was first published in BFS Horizons #10 in 2019.
With years of experience in teaching English and interpreting, she is developing her career in creative writing.
Lana writes creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and children’s. Her thoughts define the gamut of genres she writes.
Always keen to share her artistic mind, terrific ideas, and a sense of humor with her readers.
Apart from pencraft, the author is into many kinds of art, especially music, dancing, cinema, and sightseeing.

tears and swash
first voyage into my soul
that was always veiled

**Moumita Ghosh

Moumita Ghosh, aka Mou G is a poetess and short story writer. She had done her M.E in Power Engg. and is currently doing her research on Hybrid Energy Storage System (renewable energy sources based). It will broaden the scope of Electric Vehicles in diesel/ combustion engine driven world.
She has been working with writing world for more than five years. A dark moment and its slideway into spiritual world, eventually, inspire her to work on writing as a profession. She won many badges and contests at an international writing platform, WritersCafe. While, poetry is an eye of her writing, she loves to write short poetries (haiku, senryu, haibun etc) both in conventional and contemporary style. She is a lover of  nature, animals and cultural aesthetic beauty. Sometimes, she takes photos of nature and artistry. In future, she wants to make a documentary on spiritual realm.
Currently, she is working on her poetry book.

car park –
in every windscreen
the sun

Máire Morrissey Cummins

Under Spanish sun
Poet’s dreams drift in the air
Cicadas singing.

Patrick Stephens

first view of the sea boketto

Roberta Beach Jacobson

solo cloud said Italy;
heart envisions Eire ~
azure dream sky

starboard east wind roars chill fear

Wayne Kingston

early flight
at the boarding gate
the sun arrives

Srinivas S

pre-vacation rites –
he calls my handy
in search of his keys

D V Rozic

escape from the world
on the Galveston ferry
terns in flight

Deborah P Kolodji

loading the car
full moon breaks through
my busyness

Craig Kittner

across the paving
ants dance a winding pattern
to birdsong

Elaine Patricia Morris

through freezing fog
a story unfolds

Roger Watson

morning departure
warning whistle blows
through the daisies

Kate Alsbury

coral craft bargains
sign language

Christina Chin

city by the lake
cuckoo clocks and chocolate
fondues and farewells

Sarah Bint Yusuf

with open mouth
dreaming of travel abroad
a suitcase at the door

Bakhtiyar Amini

silent today
hay rattle seeds
by the roadside

Dr Tim Gardiner

promenade deck…
three walking sticks
pass me by

Marilyn Ward

at dawn
greeting my parents…
chirp of swallows

Daniela Misso

a journey
to the moon and back
late-night jazz

Tiffany Shaw Diaz

ashes on the water
bon voyage flowers
— her final trip

Linda L Ludwig

hometown streets
smaller than I remember
my childhood

m shane pruett

tucked in
i sail away to the stars
hot water bottle

James Young

I find myself
Strolling through the grass
Open spaces

Katherine E Winnick

lake mist dawn
the slow pull of oars
through my thoughts

John Hawkhead

train leaving the station
left with thoughts of yore

Richard Bailly

woodbines – choking up on Ellis Island

Lovette Carter

winter’s gone
the migratory flamingoes
flying back home

Bhawana Upadhyay

rosebay willow-herb
and dandelion clocks –
abandoned railway platform

Peter Draper

Heading out to sea
Moon and stars’ reflections

Richard Hargreaves

the plane’s wing lights
blinking blinking

Isabel Caves

train to Agra
my friend points out
my unpolished nails

Neelam Dadhwal

cold night
the voyages
of stars


sunday night train
stowing the weekend
in the overhead

William O’Sullivan

how we search the city
for our selves

Jonathan Roman

city exodus
a moving van
covered in graffitti

Jay Friedenberg

honey bees
collecting shadow pollen
dark side of the moon

Erin Castaldi

divorce papers
the winding road
to loneliness

Willie R Bongcaran

singing ‘Let’s Fly Away’
while packing
the zip’s tight groove

Mark Gilbert

Cliff Richard
ringing in our ears
summer holiday


the undulation of dunes
becoming water

Debbie Strange

arches of sunlight
slipping below the waves
. . . dolphins

eddy lee

after migration
a shady resting station
busy bird feeder

Barbara Carlson

We begin and end
In unknown outstretched hands
Life’s journey

Robert Quezada

rough sea
every minute a new wave
of nausea

Vandana Parashar

a voyage of
a thousand words
— sorry

Jason Furtak

bright lightening flash
then rumbling through the valley
loud thunderous boom

Rob McKinnon

rainy morn’
my never ending trip
on the wrong bus

Nisha Raviprasad

a castle in France
and my thumb

David Oates

his groundless fear of flying

Robert Horrobin

happiness and rainbow
floating flower
somewhere above me

Eva Drobná

wild waves –
making sense of the ship’s
safety instructions

Dorothy Burrows

combat adventures
with chosen comrades in arms
voyages of youth

Andrew Syor

of a sea voyage
salty lips

Kim Russell

white feather
carried from river to river…
so far that ocean

Lavana Kray

from flower to flower
to my suitcase

Mariela Coromoto

maiden voyage
she tries not to collide
with the other kid’s boat

Tracy Davidson

end of the diary
waiting for dawn
three empty boats

Richa Sharma

voyage of discovery
she reads his
personal diary

Anjali Warhadpande

on the windswept moor
a mare flies after fancies –
untameable mind

Mark Morris

unfolded map
all the places beyond
my wallet

Rashmi VeSa

building an ark
the countless voyages
of carpenter pencils

wendy c bialek

hot-air balloon
floating still higher
the day moon

s zeilenga

And so ends today’s podcast, a thank you to all the poets who have written for us today.

Let me just remind you that our next topic is joy and the deadline is the 1st of August. Keep those verses coming in by email.

I’ll let you know when the latest Journal is out. If you are signed up for mailings you will be the first to hear and I will also tweet about it @thepoetrypea. Which reminds me, do go and look up your fellow poets in the directory and follow them on the social media platforms that you share. I know what a really generous and supportive group you are.

Until next time… keep writing

If there is something missing in the show notes, please drop me an email and I’ll sort it out. Ciao

Series 3 Episode 14: Voyages

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