Welcome to episode 22 of the second series of the haiku pea podcast.

Today’s podcast is special, it’s a podcast on the theme of men.

Why did I decide on this topic? Around about this time last year, if you remember, we created a podcast on the theme of women, actually, episode 36 of the first series, and I thought it was important to add some balance so this year we’re writing about men.

I know this has been a difficult topic, many of you have written to tell me so but as with the other topics we have worked on together this year you’ve done a splendid job and I think I ended up with more submissions on this topic than any of the others for this year. Thank you so much to everyone who has submitted their work it’s been a pleasure reading it. A quick reminder that the topic for December is Ekphrastic verse, haiku or senryu deadline is fast approaching, the 9th of December. (Email submissions only please).

As usual I’ll start with pieces of work that have been published elsewhere, then we shall hear from poets new to the podcast, and last and definitely not least, from our regular contributors.

The Touch of a Moth. The 35th Annual Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology

white angora
on his navy jacket
last dance

Sheila M Ross
me and You, haiku of love and loss
KaDo Ottowa, 2010

Failed Haiku 31 Aug 2018

on a quiet lake
grandfather’s fishing tales
I was hooked.

m shane pruett


under the basho, modern haiku, november 17, 2018

he’s so controlling
he wants to pick out
her next husband

wendy c. bialek

Read in an article by Ferris Gilli 

40th birthday —
he leaves just beginning
to change color

Timothy Hawkes

Full of Moonlight: Haiku Society of America 2016 Members’ Anthology

a wrist too thin
for father’s watch
deer trail

Glenn G Coats

Prune Juice Issue 29

farm to table
a cow patty
sticks to daddy’s boot

Terri L. French

also in August
I discuss with my husband
closing windows

Antonietta Losito

Bones – journal for contemporary haiku
no. 18

Heidi’s grandad
I speak no dialect
to deaf ears


Now let me introduce some poets to you that we’ve not heard from before.

**Jason Richardson

all those strong white men
easily stirred and bitter
best after a meal

Jason Richardson explores landscapes and ephemera in various media. His audio, video and text featured in the recent exhibition, ‘Earthwords and Soundscaping,’ at Griffith Regional Art Gallery in New South Wales, Australia. As part of that event he published Earthwords, an innovative book that merges the haiku tradition with the cut-up technique. Copies are available for US$15, including postage. Email: sauce@bassling.com Previously Jason curated the haiku-themed ‘Crossing Streams’ exhibition in collaboration with Naviar Records in Narrandera during 2017.

**Barbara Carlson

stepping from the shower
watching his life disappear
foggy mirror

twitter @blkbtrfly6

Barbara Carlson has written over 300 haiku since retiring from teaching. She thinks it’s fun to edit books, travel, solve puzzles, and whitewater raft. Skydiving in tandem remains on the bucket list. A Southern California native, she is now moving to New Mexico from South Carolina.

** Nadejda Kostadinova

for not giving me his seat
an old man

Since then in January 2019 I received honors in the 6th National December contest organized by the Bulgarian Haiku association. In February I participated in the haiku challenge NaHaiWriMo in Bulgarian and with this I got my first haiku published in a Bulgarian magazine for arts and literature.
My first English appearance was in June 2019 in tinywords.com, and since then I have had haiku and short poems published in Asahi Haikuist Network, FemkuMag, Hedgerow, The Bamboo Hut, Failed Haiku, Incense Dreams, English Speaking Union of Japan – Haiku (ESUJ-H) and several times my haiku has been in the selection list of the weekly challenge of the Haiku Foundation/Haiku Dialogue.


**D V Rozic

on the window –
her gardener watering
the setting sun

love his English
the way he says

Djurdja Vukelic Rozic was born in 1956 in Croatia. Writer and translator, she is the principal editor of haiku print magazine IRIS and webzine IRIS International in English. She works within the Haiku Association Three Rivers, Ivanić-Grad, Croatia, which she founded with her husband, haiku poet as well and some haiku pals in her town. For her short stories, poetry and haiku she received many a award and recognition at home and abroad. IRIS can be downloaded free

**Pat Geyer

hiding in
the fringes of his youth…
buckskin shirt

Bud’s new life…
daggers in her eyes
shoot green

With a degree from Mount Aloysius College, she spent her professional career in Sales & Marketing. She did a great deal of work in the preparation of publications. And, was lucky enough to do a bit of travel.?? After a few physical set backs, about fifteen years ago she started writing and photographing daily.

Today, Pat and her husband Ray live in East Brunswick, NJ, USA. Her home is surrounded by the parks and lakes where she finds her inspiration in Nature. Published in several journals, she is an amateur photographer and poet.

**Isabella Kramer

deep roots
the rat on his head
turns round & round

abandoned backyard
the half-smile of a goblin
in the darkest corner

Isabella Kramer lives with her husband and two cats at Lower Saxony, North Germany near Hannover. For years, she has been a passionate Poet, Author, commercial Photographer and Painter.
She published her first book with German poems “weniger bis meer”, and also contributed to several anthologies.

You can read her cheritas, free verses, haiku, haiga, tanka and senryus at:

and on FacebookInstagram and Twitter
Her book :  – weniger bis meer – veredit-iertes


** Poga Humayun Dundiwala

combo human
with x and y chromosomes

I use pen name Poga Humayun Dundiwala   for my writings, I am a male of Bangladeshi origin.
I am Fifty three years old, I am self employed.

His website 

**Alison Breewood

the fisherman’s line
catching the morning sun
a spider’s web

I live in Scotland. I have been writing haiku on and off for about six years. I like nothing more than going on a ginko in search of a haiku and I write in the shasei tradition, each haiku becoming a souvenir of a real experience. I tend to follow a phrase and fragment structure but I also love the use of the pivot line to meld two separate images together with a common third image.

I tweet some of my haiku (@AlisonBreewood) and I sometimes make hand-stitched booklets as gifts to my family.

Twitter @AlisonBreewood

**Michelle Pratt

his evolution
gratifying all women
dishes washed and dried

ripply muscles
a jagged mountain range
to climb

Twitter @Lundybreeze

Michelle Pratt is a native to Southern California and just recently became inspired by a friend to start writing short stories, poems and haiku.  She very much enjoys her new creative outlet and draws her inspiration from nature and personal life events.

Now let’s welcome back regular members of our community and hear what they have created for us today.

Peter Draper

an old man
browsing cheap wine–
tasselled shoes

she’s away
for a few days
the seat’s up

white van
in the poppy field
three hi-viz jackets

Peter’s website

James Young

when he is alone
a man is not a man
but his person

how many light bulbs
does it take to change a man?
oh come on!

Twitter: @BaitTheLines

medical website 




John Hawkhead

the tedious journey
to the same old thing

late drive home
what she wanted to say
caught in his glare

John’s twitter account @HawkheadJohn
John’s book “Small Shadows” available at Alba Publishing

Andrew Syor

women’s complexness
balance men’s simplicity

Video Blog 

Christina Chin

men auction
the rainforest
going going gone

bournemouth square
the old man busks
I kick up my heels


Blogger is an ongoing scheduled blog of my featured and published haiku.

Kim Russell

why chromosome
makes all the difference
fallen fig leaf

Kim’s website

The Emma Press: Anthology of Aunts and Second Place Rosette.
The dVerse Poets anthology, Chiaroscuro – Darkness and Light
Twitter: @kim88110

Hifsa Ashraf

Sunday on call
the woodpecker knocks
at the window

sole breadwinner
his pockets stuffed
with free coupons

Short stories: published in a UK based English magazine 

Katherine E Winnick

a gentleman
erotic and statuesque
passing my way

Twitter @thewovenwords


dark feathers
the blackbird
invokes night

windy day
he watches
her dress

Instagram “3_liner

Richard Bailly

Born with a trumpet
Called to play with Gabriel
Marching with the Saints

king of human rights
flawed yet motivational
sacrificial lamb

fantasy führer
laughter and holocaust mix

inspired by JoJo Rabbit

David Oates

holding the baby
carefully placing his feet
away from my groin

no grandchildren
he plays peekaboo
with a strange toddler

Twitter: @witnwords1
David’s Website 
David’s book “The Deer’s Bandana” at Brick Road Poetry Press

m shane pruett

a kingfisher scolds
from the river bridge
old men laughing

night fishing
the silence we shared
crossing no lines

Twitter @HaikuMyBrew

David A Estringel

We walk on four legs
two legs, three legs, none.
Metamorphosis of death

His feature-length collection of poetry and prose Indelible Fingerprints (Alien Buddha Press) that is now available on Amazon.com.
His website is called david a. estringel 
Twitter – @The_Booky_Man

Robert Horrobin

an old racist’s knees
the black cat

father’s day
too late to tell him

Roberta Beach Jacobson

slow dance
he whispers his password
into my ear

argument so loud
he fails to hear
her heartbeat

unable to mend
all the nets
lone fisherman


Thorsten Neuhaus

fishermen a gathering of scales

recalling my uncle’s voice
in the workshop

Twitter Totto@thoneuhaus


Cyrille Soliman

many fallen leaves
a man and his toddler

Mineko Takahashi

a man’s night skin
the warmth of the bed
a new moon

a boy in a man
picking up the ball lost
in withered green

Instagram sites teaching Japanese Idioms “your_private_japanese_tutor” and “ur_japanese_tutor” which teaches Japanese characters

FB account @yourjapanesetutor which discusses many facets of the language from the viewpoint of a foreign learner.

Elancharan Gunasekaran

a woman is your equal
a woman is your equal
a woman is your equal

comfort her
protect her
then call yourself a man

His latest publications are Superatomicluminal (Hesterglock Press, UK), Gods of the Gonzo (Analog Submission Press, UK), The Cosmosnaut Manifesto (UndergroundBooks, New York), Sleeping with Wildflowers (Alien Buddha Press, Arizona/New York), Deviant Flames and Dark Revolver (Roman Books, India/UK).

Marilyn Ward

his large ears the barbers new haircut

Mersey Tunnel…
i see to the end
of his yawn

Mark Gilbert

male chaffinch the short attention span of the

cracked pane
the swelling
in the waiting room

The haiku foundation 

Vandana Parashar

wedding stage
papa holds my hand
before the groom does

single dad
all the clips on her hair

Marion Clark

feeling bad
about forging his signature–
mother-in-law’s birthday

November rain . . .
his head cold much worse
than mine

Facebook page marion.clarke.7
Blog “Creative Reflections” featuring her art and writing
Twitter @MarionSClarke

s zeilenga

a delay between
the lightning and the thunder
— he flashes a smile

Twitter @ruralitalics

Jonathan Roman

sea change
the swell of every chest
when she enters

most of him
will stay submerged

His book Deeper Into Winter. It’s a collection of haiku, haiga, and haibun written in and about Iceland.
My website is www.jonathanroman.com
Twitter and Instagram: @deft_notes



** Poets new to the podcast

Series 2 Episode 22: Men

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