When I decided upon this topic, I was thinking primarily about writing haiku using the methodology of synesthesia, which I think it quite challenging. What do I mean bysynesthesia?

I think Jane Reichhold puts it very economically, it is “the technique of sense switching.” “to speak of the sensory aspect of a thing and then to change to another sensory organ” Simple, eh?

But it became clear that there was another interpretation of the topic, I took this definition from a kids’ site which said, “Imagine that when you see a city’s skyline, you taste blackberries. Or maybe when you hear a violin, you feel a tickle on your left knee. Perhaps you are completely convinced that Wednesdays are light red.”  I don’t have it myself, but I thought it would be interesting to take submissions from people who wanted to write about this phenomenon.

Let’s start as we usually do with work that has been previously published.

Alan Summers

the sharp tang
of thorn

Troutswirl – The Haiku Foundation –
A Sense of Place: MEADOW/FIELD – ed. KJMunro (Oct. 2018)

Robert Spiess (1921-2002)

Muttering thunder…
the bottom of the river
scattered with clams

From “The Turtle’s Ears,” Wells Printing Company, Inc. 1971.

Mariela Gonzalez

bright sun
the cocoa dries
to the song of a woman

This was an honourable mention in the 20th HIA Haiku Contest, 2018, Toru Kiuchi editor

John Hawkhead

gathering storm
a raven’s gravel-call
scrapes over black ice

Wales Haiku in the Summer 2018

Jeffrey Winke

jazz club
her smoky lips kiss
the martini glass

The touch of a Moth. The 35th Annual Haiku Canada Members’ Anthology


Eric Arthen

yellow tulips – the smell of splashing water

Dina E Cox

the scent of green
after rain

Published in Full of Moonlight: Haiku Society of America 2016 Members’ Anthology


And now over to you. Thank you.

David A Estringel

lip to lip,
I pray for oblivion—
whiskey’s white fire

His feature-length collection of poetry and prose Indelible Fingerprints (Alien Buddha Press) that is now available on Amazon.com.
His website is called david a. estringel
Twitter – @The_Booky_Man

Patrick Stephens

old letters burning
scents of tears, scents of laughter
first iris’ show through

The old man reaches out
Touching the musky perfume
Of the dying sun

John Hawkhead

lightning strike
a scent of burnt earth
in the rain

John’s twitter account: @HawkheadJohn
John’s book “Small Shadows” available at Alba Publishing 

Constance Bourg

silver gull
gliding against blue
intercom ping

Her website 

Mark Gilbert

lapping waves
a squirt of vanilla
in a sugar cone please

The haiku foundation poet’s registry

Andrew Syor

thirst for adventure
captures colorful knowledge
with warm memories

His Vlog 

James Young

the spice road
tastes change

neon hot dogs
over-cooked onions sizzle

Twitter: @BaitTheLines

medical website 




Hifsa Ashraf

rosary beads the rise and fall of his heartbeat

Short stories: published in a UK based English magazine

Roger Watson

yellow days
the sky growing
through the trees

Haiku Blog 
His book of haiku Dewdrops Roger Watson and Su Wai Hlaing available in kindle  on amazon   available in hard copy if you email Roger rwatson1955@gmail.com Price for delivery in UK/Europe- GBP 4.50  for the rest of the world GBP 7.00.

Katherine E Winnick

Crimson feathers
The scent of perfumes
And black lace

Twitter @thewovenwords

Peter Draper

she leaves the elevator
with the scent
of stale tobacco

His website 

Professor R K Singh

her fingers
i taste in the orange
she peels

wrapped in fog
the flying plane
seen by sound



Recent books:


**Robin Rich

Now Robin, a fellow Brit, is writing for us for the first time. Although he is a writer new to the podcast he is an experienced haiku poet and already has a book of his work published.  Robin advocates that we try and have a unique voice. For myself I am still working on mine, let’s hear from Robin in his unique voice:

summer day
all alone on the beach
ice cream tastes of rain

my lizard
swallows a bee
sweetly done

Hi book is on Etsy, Smashwords and Amazon. “Walk to be Herd.”

@rrichwords IG and Twitterer

Wayne Kingston

song touch
chord imagination soars
dream horizon

Wayne’s books:
Eclectic Discernment & Listen Small. Both available through Amazon; published through CreateSpace.

Kim Russell

blue bass notes
shadows fill the basement
of misspent youth

unbearable heat
the lawnmower releases
memories of rain

Kim’s website 
Twitter: @kim88110
The Emma Press: Anthology of Aunts and Second Place Rosette.
The dVerse Poets anthology, Chiaroscuro – Darkness and Light

**Julie Bloss Kelsey

joins us from the US and is writing for us for the first time. I can absolutely identify with the way she began writing haiku. Nursing the first of her children she would sit in a big armchair and look out the window and write haiku in her head, repeating each poem as a mantra until she could commit it to paper. That’s how I fall asleep at night, sadly some of my best work exists only in my dreams.

Julie suggests Twitter is a good way to meet fellow haiku poets. Try using the haiku hashtag, find haiku that you enjoy, follow the poet and see who that poet follows. Apparently Julie has met many haiku friends that way. Many of you have Twitter handles why not make sure we follow each other?

on the edge of sleep
the black and white checkerboard
of a dog’s bark

delicious circles
of contentment —
peach crumble

Twitter @mamajoules

m shane pruett

street preacher
belching out his virtue
last night’s garlic

John McManus

the smell of fried bacon I put the newspaper down

make out session
the hiss of a pan
boiling over

Twitter: @johnnyhaikumcm1
John’s book ‘Inside His Time Machine’

Wendy C Bialek

all day watching waves crash
eyes open eyes closed

the silver turquoise taste
of mother-of-pearl
sea in a shell

Now we are heading off to Australia to meet


for the first time. Pearl.

Let me tell you a bit about Pearl.

She was inspired to write haiku by reading The Haiku Year Book by Douglas Martin, Grant Lee Phillips, Michael Stipe, and Tom Gilroy available on Amazon. In this book a number of friends dedicated a year to writing a haiku a day and mailed them to each other. At the end of the year they had a collection which they published. I’ve not read it, but I think I shall put it on my Christmas list.

She like a haiku which is brief, succinct and has insightful imagery.

sky blue
the clear taste
of winter

green tuesday
the moon readies
its next quarter

Instagram  “3_liner” at

Robert Horrobin

ocean sunset
orange blossoms
in the tea

Isabel Caves

cool breeze
the mandarin tree rustles
in a rain puddle

Her Blog

I miss Google plus, in particular the Haiku nook group, it was extremely important to me in my first efforts at haiku. Well today we are joined by


himself an ex member of the group. He has contributed in the early days of the podcast, but this is the first time he has joined us on one of our themes. He calls himself “a a journeyman of haiku and it’s related forms. You can find him in that poetic rabbit hole encountering extremely knowledgeable and talented entities guiding his way in wonderland.” or at Twitter or on his blog.

intense yellow—
I pucker my lips
while salivating

truck horn
an ocean drowns
the street

Twitter: @_fractled

Rickey Rivers Jnr

Nape of neck,
horrid sounds
raise the hairs.

A tickle
produces tears;

His author’s website

Twitter @storiesyoumight

Richard Bailly

springtime in the north
ice melting rapidly
scent of gasoline

**Olimpia Hinamatsuri Barbu

shiny summer day
a blue breeze dances
beneath her tears

https://microuniverseart.wordpress.com/ (drawings, paintings and photographs)
https://soundcloud.com/pia-rose-music (songs)
https://soundcloud.com/crimsopia (music)

Joan Barrett

Yunnan altar
pine needles snap
at frosty prayers

Her Photos 


cottage garden
Grandma’s scent
in the honeysuckle

Craig Kittner

flowing birdsong
the moss-marked path
of rainwater

Craig’s book “Time’s Sweet Savor Poetry”
Twitter @craigkittner

If you haven’t seen the most recent haiku dialogue page on the haiku foundation, Craig is guest editing again. He’s been looking at various aspects of haiku methodology, so far brevity, the 5/7/5 and this coming week he’s looking at monoku. I know many of you are interested in the monoku. Check it out on Wednesday and find out what’s coming next.

Well, I’m sorry to say that is it for today. Thank you to everyone who is listening and who has written for today’s episode. Virtual hugs for each of you.

In a couple of weeks I hope to have a special episode of a different sort as long as technology allows…. I’ll keep you in suspense, but if it works I hope you will really enjoy it.

Next theme is flowers, deadline is the 9th of September, email your submissions just to be sure that I get them. Thank you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s podcast, let me know good or bad by email, I love to hear from you. Take care and keep writing…

** Writers appearing on the podcast for the first time


Jane Reichhold: Writing and Enjoying Haiku. A hands on guide.

Series 2 Episode 16: Switching senses

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