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Help me to cheer things up a little bit.  The world needs more haiku just at the moment. As long as I am well I will try and create a daily Pea TV moment on YouTube. A short nature video with a haiku. YOU can help me by sending me a short nature MP4 video (20secs approx) in an email with a haiku to read. I can do the rest. Let’s bring a bit of optimism to the world one very small step at a time.

New for 2020

In 2020, I’m delighted to say that the haiku pea podcast will be starting its third series. I will be selecting a maximum of three verses,  per month, per poet, one of which will be read on the podcast and all the accepted verses will be printed in a quarterly journal. See the submissions page.


The Haiku Pea Podcast  is a bi-weekly podcast which alternately ponders haiku issues and features poets writing on a specific topic. You can find our topics listed in the submissions menu. Why not email your haiku and senryu?

Haiku Pea Projects

  • Creating  renku: If you would like to take part in this writing project please contact us by email
  • Pea Pebbles: Releasing haiku and senryu into the world on pebbles. Will you find one?
  • YouTube channel
  • For 2020 we will be creating a quarterly journal and a children’s haiku and senryu anthology

If you would like to submit a haiku or senryu for the podcast, the journal and the website please read the submissions page and get in touch. Submissions of haiku and senryu are only accepted via email.