This podcast talks about exaggerated perspective in haiku. If you would like to read the shownotes, you will find them here.


The Haiku Pea Podcast started small in 2017. I thought I would more or less be talking to myself, but reckoned without the power of haiku, and the word spread. Now here at Poetry Pea there are a number of ways to celebrate haiku with lots and lots of like minded haiku poets.

In 2021 the Haiku Pea podcast  will be offering two podcast a month on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, the first to explore haiku topics and the second to hear the haiku and senryu that you have been writing.

Listening options:

You can listen here on the website or you can find us on a number of podcasting platforms: iTunes, stitcher, spotify, amazon, google, player and tunein radio not forgetting YouTube.

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YouTube Series 4 Episode 1:The Haiku Pea Podcast- Let’s Exaggerate

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