Alison Finch is from the USA. Alison clearly knows her haiku stuff as you will see, but little wonder, not only is she a writer, but she teaches English.

She loves nature, which comes through in this haiku. She says “writing haiku is a way to give another person, a reader, a picture in their mind. Believing that when, “the reader can picture in their head what the poet is trying to convey, and it leaves an impression.” then you have written a successful haiku.

I think she has achieved exactly that with her haiku:

a hive in the tree
skilled craftsman busy at work
delicious results

Delicious results indeed Alison. Thank you. I do have a vivid image in my mind. I hope we will have a chance to hear more from you in the future.

Week 34: The Guest Haiku from Alison Finch

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