Kate Alsbury from the USA is our guest poet.  Kate last paid us a visit in episode 15 so you could go back and have a listen to what she wrote for us then.

Kate is an experienced writer and Editor, with a real passion for the countryside. She has started her own journal: Jalmurra which is accepting poetry, art, fiction, essays, and anything else that relates to nature or science, to support her project to save forests and farmland.  Perhaps you could submit work to her journal?
This is her haiku:

summer moon —
deer on reconnaissance
break across the field

Very strong images in this one. If you are lucky enough to live in an area of countryside populated by deer this will perhaps be a familiar sight for you. There is a road very close to my house which cuts through farmland. If you were not familiar with this road you would hurtle along it at quite a speed unaware that at any moment a deer, feeding in the fields could bolt in front of you. They’ve certainly give me a fright from time to time.

Week 32: The Guest Haiku from Kate Alsbury

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