Let me introduce to you if you don’t know him already, Roger Watson. He is the inspiration behind the next haiku podcast special on the topic of women but I’ll tell you why when we get to that podcast.

I really enjoy his haiku and I was excited when he told me he was listed on the living haiku anthology. What a star!

Roger, who is a professor of nursing at the University of Hull, was born in Scotland, has lived in Scotland, Ireland and now lives in the current UK city of culture, Hull.

He finds the writing of haiku is one of the few things that take his mind off his work and it occupies those boring hours as he flies round Europe and the Far East. Haiku brings him pleasure not just through the writing of it but the friendships from the communities he has found in the process of writing and improving his work.

And speaking of improving your haiku he recommends that you get involved with the haiku foundation which offers daily bulletins, an app and a lot of free content including books.

I present to you his haiku:

airport fly
or departing?

Roger particularly enjoys writing haiku where he can see a potential double meaning or alternative interpretation of a word, I think this is really clear when you read or listen to this haiku. I found, that like a fly, this haiku buzzes round my head, but in a good way.

Reading Roger’s work gives me immense pleasure. Not just because he writes great haiku but I know how hard he works at his writing and it gives me hope that if I work as hard as he does, someday I will write successful haiku more consistently.

Thanks Roger.

We will be hearing more from him in the future but if you’d like to learn more about him here’s his Twitter handle @rwatson1955, a link to his blog ,  and his haiku podcast 

Week 31: The Guest Haiku from Roger Watson

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