Here are the best of my week, using association:

planting the rose
a drop of blood

or maybe a one liner

planting the rose, blood

Two different things, a rose bush and blood. What is the association? Well I might be pushing it to be honest. The whole haiku is about childbirth. The planting of the rosebush is about giving life, bringing life into the world. More often than not when I’m planting up my roses, I manage to scrape myself one way or another and blood flows.  Bringing new life to the world hurts, it draws blood, but the end result is joyous.At least that’s how I felt. Same with planting roses.

A second one:

diamonds cluster
around a sapphire-
the Zürisee

It struck me as I was out riding my bike along the lakeside that the Zürisee or lake Zürich as you might know it, is very much like a piece of jewellery. The lake is the sapphire, the diamonds are the snow capped mountains.

Week 31: The Daily Haiku

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