Giddy is running her own haiku group. She tells me it’s going well. If you live in Brisbane and would like to know more about Giddy’s group then get in touch, send me an email and I’ll forward it, or you’ll find her on Twitter  @GiddyNS

Now for a treat, Giddy’s haiku:

alights on my hand
only a second

Does it get  you thinking about the brevity of life? How long does the butterfly live? Apparently the average lifespan of butterflies is about a month, it’s not long is it?

When you think about a butterfly alighting on you, does it give you a real sense of joy? 

Thinking about it for a bit longer, I thought, there is a lightness about the butterfly but it carries a serious message, Life is short use it well and bring some joy into the world. I think this haiku about a butterfly sharing a second of its short life with Giddy, me and now you, did it’s job, it brought me joy.

My thanks as always to Giddy for bringing a little bit of her life into ours.

Week 30: The Guest Haiku from Giddy Nielsen Sweep

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