Welcome back to Veronica Hosking who we heard from in episode 17 and of course in our breakfast special where she featured with her twin sister.

As I said, Veronica lives in the desert in the US. Like myself she’s a mum who enjoys poetry. She has been published many times, and was the poetry editor for MaMaZina from 2006-2011. Today we’re joining Veronica on her holidays.

vacation by shore
respite from our day to day
struggle for each stroke

I found this a very clever haiku. The connection between the two images for me relied on the word stroke. Here was Veronica on vacation, which is intended to be a respite from our everyday activities. She describes our daily regime in line 3 as a struggle for each stroke, which it can be for so many people, whether because of ill-health, poverty, or just hating what you’re doing on a daily basis.

It also contrasts two images, one of pleasure and the other of sadness or drugery. I believe it falls into the technique category that we’re covering today, contrast.

Do you find that this haiku resonates with you?. It certainly did with me, thank you very much Veronica.

You can find more from Veronica on her website.

and on Twitter @HoskingPoet where amongst other things, she takes part in the #haikuchallenge where @baffled gives a word a day to use in a haiku/senryu.

Week 29: The Guest Haiku from Veronica Hosking

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