I have spent all week trying to put together a haiku which might come close to being successful, using contrast, and so far I don’t think I’m doing very well. I’ll let you be the judge of that,  this is what I’ve managed so far:

tombstones – –
in a wheat field
red poppies

Riding my bike through the fields these days I often see the red poppies dotting fields of wheat. It reminds me of the fields in northern France where the poppies at this time of year, often grow on the former fields of war, marking the sites where many lost their lives.

I don’t know much about the history of the area in which I live but I do know that way back in time the good people of Zürich, indeed legend has it that it was the good women and children of Zürich, scared away the armies of Carl the Great. Could it be that my local poppies mark the graves of ancient peoples who fought over my beloved adopted city?

Week 29: Daily Haiku

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