Let’s go to Australia where we meet Giddy Nielsen Sweep again.

Before I go on, congrats to Giddy, she was published in the latest Cicada’s cry. They are now taking submissions for the summer issue, but you need to get going, they close at the end of the month.

Well done Giddy.

Giddy has started her own haiku group in Brisbane, the Bombora Group and tells me that things are going well so far.

You may also remember that Giddy and her editor Dawn are putting together a book, Breathe Haiku. They have discovered that they actually have too much content for one book so will begin with a book containing Australian haiku only. I’ll keep you posted on the book’s progress.

Today Giddy is sharing this with us.

sleeping alone
curlew cries outside
I cry inside

I don’t have any experience of a curlew, but I have substituted the cry of a lone bird from my part of the world and this poem just breaks my heart. Can you feel it too!


Week 26: The guest haiku from Giddy Nielsen Sweep