Guest haiku featuring Giddy Nielson Sweep:

Giddy comes from Australia. Despite having MS she amazes me with her output of Haiku and the projects she has on the go. She is developing a book of photos and haiku with her friend Dawn (more of that in another episode) and writing a book about her childhood growing up on a farm in the Australian bush.

Her haiku:

crested pigeons
must be given their seed
breakfast delayed

This haiku resonated with me because pigeons have moved into our neighbour hood. It’s been a hard winter, lots of snow (as you know if you’ve been listening to me) and the pigeons have cottoned onto the three sets of bird feeders in the gardens in my immediate vicinity. They have pushed out the smaller birds and strut about the place as if they owned it. I can well imagine the sight in Giddy’s garden.

Thanks so much Giddy for your haiku and your support and inspiration.

Week 19: Guest Haiku from Giddy Nielson Sweep