Veronica Hosking is a wife, mother and poet, who lives in the desert southwest of the US with her husband and two daughters. Her family and day job,”Hausfrau” as they say round my parts, serve as inspiration for most of her poetry. Additionally she grades essays on standardised tests.

She was the poetry editor for MaMaZina magazine 2006-2011.

She’s a busy woman who finds time to write a haiku everyday, much like myself. She follows the #haikuchallenge on Twitter, where @baffled gives a word a day to use in a haiku/senryu.

She has been published a number of times:

  • Spikier Spongier appeared in Stone Crowns magazine November 2013.
  • Desperate Poet was posted on the Narrator International website and reprinted in Poetry Nook February 2014.
  • Silver Birch Press has published several of her poems upon first accepting Rain Drops in the Half New Year poetry collection July 2014.

Her Haiku:

chilly winter days
snowfall blankets desert floor
never tarries long

I chose this because I was fascinated by the idea of snow in the desert. So I asked her about it. She told me “It does not snow often in the desert. We do get cold enough in the winter; it can get down into the 20s at night. But it usually isn’t humid enough to snow. The last time she saw snow where she lived was February 2001.” Maybe I should think of moving to where Veronica lives.

You can read more of her work on her poetry blog

Week 17: Guest Haiku from Veronica Hosking

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