Kate is a writer and editor and a lover of the great outdoors, all of which she has managed to combine by starting Jalmurra, an online journal with a focus on nature, science, art, and the environment She started it, to support her partly crowdfunded project that works to save forests and farmland from development. She has found that there aren’t that many places to share writing and art relating to these topics. So if you know of any more get in touch with Kate and let her know.

At the moment, Jalmurra are accepting submissions of poetry, art, fiction, essays, and anything else that relates to nature or science. 

Kate is working hard with Jalmurra and is hoping to  bring a few changes to the look of it soon and offer a book of poetry, as a free gift when you donate.

She has a newsletter that you can sign up for and a Twitter account  @land_alliance, Follow her on twitter  to keep up to date on what’s going on. 

She says that they’re looking for people to join the promotion team, to help them raise awareness for the project. 

If you’d like to help raise awareness for the project, you can sign up by sending your name and email address to save.the.tierra@gmail.com. Put “Join Team” in subject line. You can also fill out this form  

So with all that going on in her life, why does Kate write a haiku?  She says “I like the challenge of saying something in as few words as possible, and Japanese art has always interested me.” Of course, the connection with nature, is an important factor.

This is her fabulous Haiku

snowfall —

following our footprints


You may be surprised that I chose this Haiku. As you know snow is not my favourite thing because I live in an area where it can linger on for too long. It’s snowing heavily outside my wndow now! However I still appreciate the beauty of it particularly as Kate has expressed it.

This is an element of living with snow that I enjoy. As I walk around the countryside here in Zürich prints in the snow fascinate me. There are so many footprints, animal prints, bird prints, human prints and it fascinates me to see the combinations of prints that go together and the patterns that they make in the snow.

I found this haiku most romantic and I can just see myself and whoever I’m walking with, cold and looking forward to a hot chocolate, following our footsteps home in the low sun of a winter afternoon.

Thanks Kate that was absolutely beautiful.

Week 15: Guest Haiku from Kate Alsbury

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