Welcome to this week’s haiku pea podcast. We’re cooking on gas, quite literally in some cases this week, as the haiku and senryu are all about recipes. It was a difficult topic, I think, but you all came up trumps and I’m delighted with the results. I hope you will be too. As usual I’ll start with some previously published work, they were fiendishly difficult to find, then I shall turn to poets who haven’t written for us before and then of course to our regular contributors.

As you know I add information about our poets to the show notes, so please go along and have a read.


chopping onions –
my grandmother’s
paper-thin skin

Marion Clarke – 5th Place, Indian Kukai
February 2015

breakfast alone
slowly I eat
my melancholy

Michael Dylan Welch


In the pot
Soft long noodles
Forgetting the old year

 Abigail Friedman

 The Haiku Apprentice: Memoirs of Writing Poetry in Japan

holiday recipes…
I set a haiku
on the backburner

Laryalee Fraser

Harvard blogs – Christmas Season haiku


preparing baklava
her annoyance
in as many layers

**Anjali Warhadpande

our children
carry the recipe
the next generation

**Linda L Ludwig


I am Linda Lee Ludwig and I am retired, a wife and mother now able to spend my time in creative ventures. I have always been interested in the creative arts but on a part time basis. I married and raised three children and spent most of my energies loving and playing and working as an equal support role in their welfare.
I have written poems and songs for many years, along with my love of drawing and ceramic painting. I have a couple of published poems but not in publications known by most poets. I have had several published in Haiku Foundations and Femku Magazine, I am just starting to find ways to participate and share my poetry and illustrations. I belong to several online groups and enjoy sharing poetry with friends.

elephant apple
with hard fish
soul tasting recipe

**Mafizuddin Chowdhury


Mafizuddin Chowdhury joined in Facebook in 2018 and started writing poems in different groups. His poems have already been comprised in various National and International Anthologies. He has maintained a close contact with Haiku Column and writes haiku regularly. Some of his selected haiku are included in the prominent magazine, Haiku Shiki and HAIKU Vol- 5

bitter tensions
a right and wrong way
to scramble an egg

**Jessica Renee Dawson


Jessica Renee Dawson, lives on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and has studied poetry and English through North Island College. She is presently studying under award winning poet, Lynne Knight. Dawson’s works have appeared in journals including: Poetry Quarterly, INK IN THIRDS, The Tulane Review, Wild Plum, and NonBinary Review.

Twitter @live_the_light

the art
of imperfection
drizzled caramel

**Tiffany Shaw Diaz


Tiffany Shaw-Diaz is a Pushcart Prize and Dwarf Stars Award nominee who also works as a professional visual artist. Her poetry has been featured in Modern Haiku, The Heron’s Nest, Bones, NHK World Haiku Masters, The Mainichi, and dozens of other publications. In addition, her poetry has been translated into German, Italian, and Chinese. Her first chapbook, says the rose, was published by Yavanika Press in 2019.

Her poetry blog 

Facebook: facebook.com/tsdartist

potato fritters
red chilli flakes burn
between the fingers

Christina Chin


Blogger is an ongoing scheduled blog of my featured and published haiku.

Twitter @Christina_haiku

wild mint
the yearning for home
in its aroma

Marilyn Ward

the comfort
of porcini and polenta

Marina Bellini


marshmallow delight
melting above the fire
mouth watering

Katherine E Winnick

Twitter @thewovenwords

Wuhan underpass
the smell
of roasting yams

Roger Watson

Dewdrops Dewdrops Roger Watson and Su Wai Hlaing available in kindle  on amazon   available in hard copy if you email Roger rwatson1955@gmail.com Price for delivery in UK/Europe- GBP 4.50  for the rest of the world GBP 7.00.

a dew starter
dressed with a breeze of bees
and bluebell fountains

James Young

Twitter: @BaitTheLines

medical website 




the rise
and fall –
life’s soufflé

Dorothy Burrows

Twitter @rambling_dot

turmeric paste. . .
the sun
on her face

R Suresh Babu

baking pasta
teaching mom
to use the oven

Richa Sharma

Twitter @bluelakemoon

a dash of bitterness
simmer for ten years
add affairs, and divorce

Dr Tim Gardiner


the main ingredient
fried trout


bloody beetroot
it looked good
in the recipe book

Kim Russell


The Emma Press: Anthology of Aunts and Second Place Rosette.
The dVerse Poets anthology, Chiaroscuro – Darkness and Light
Twitter: @kim88110

splattered grease
my daughter asks
where babies come from

Tia Haynes

Her chapbook, Leftover Ribbon 

Twitter: @adalia_haiku

carrot soup
hints of ginger
in his beard

Robert Horrobin

thickening broth
i conjure my mother
ladle by ladle

Jonathan Roman

His book Deeper Into Winter. It’s a collection of haiku, haiga, and haibun written in and about Iceland. 
Twitter and Instagram: @deft_notes

mum’s old recipe book
jam packed
with takeaway menus

Tracy Davidson

Twitter: @tracydavidson27
Instagram: @tracydavidson27

trying a recipe
with garlic gloves
– typo

Roberta Beach Jacobson


dog eared recipes
of the Old Country
mother’s native tongue

Erin Castaldi

instagram @haiku_gurl
Her book: “ Evensong On The Great Egg “, published by Moonstone Press.

tiny bowl envy
hungry hipsters

Constance Bourg


our recipes for life…
taste buds stir

Pat Geyer

second generation –
they ask for the recipe
of her store-bought curry

Isabel Caves


fragrant kitchen
spontaneous samba
now we’re cooking

m shane pruett

Twitter @HaikuMyBrew

signature dish
chef’s special the flavour
of my childhood 

Hemapriya Chellappan

Twitter: @Hemapriya17
Instagram: @hematheone

summer gala
sparing hung curd
for her *shrikhand

*Shrikhand is an Indian sweet dish made of strained dahl

Neelam Dadhwal

Twitter: @neelamdadhwal Instagram: @neelamdadhwal

eastern bazaar
in the voice of the saleswoman
spicy notes

Bakhtiyar Amini

The haiku foundation registry 

spinach soup
the child stirs
and stirs the bowl

Muskaan Ahuja

grains and water
never changing recipe
for visiting sparrows

Mineko Takahashi

Instagram sites teaching Japanese Idioms “your_private_japanese_tutor” and “ur_japanese_tutor” which teaches Japanese characters

FB account @yourjapanesetutor which discusses many facets of the language from the viewpoint of a foreign learner.

hard-boiled eggs . . .
first cooking

Valentina Ranaldi-Adams

bombay gin
mixed with tonic on the rocks
no malaria

Richard Bailly

Twitter @RitchieVan44

no special recipe
swans eat peas
all the same


Instagram “3_liner”   

lipstick on his shirt
I put an extra heap full
of pepper in curry

Vandana Parashar

Her Chapbook “I am” 

without her
still remembering
to salt the water

Kristen Lindquist

haiku blog 
Twitter: @mainekestrel

old yellow tooth
in mom’s recipe box:
“Welsh cakes”

Art Fredeen

Twitter @ArtFredeen

a photo first, then steamed
in garlic butter

wendy c bialek

grandma’s bread . . .
the love she forgot
to add

Debbie Strange

She maintains a publication and award archive  which also includes reviews of her books and hundreds of haiga and tanka art. 

Twitter @Debbie_Strange
Instagram @debbiemstrange.

on the grill
and the smell of the forest

Ljiljana Dobra

Her first haiku book “Shine of the firefly”, printed is in three languages: Croatian, Serbian and English.

… and sugar
with sunlight;
birds sing

Tara Steciuk

Twitter:   @TaraSteciuk

green meadow
medicines from God’s pharmacy-

Eva Drobna

snow storm
in the kitchen
her first cake

Marion Clarke

Facebook marion.clarke.7
Twitter @MarionSClarke

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the podcast today and remember there will be more verses for you to read when I publish the first quarterly journal from poetrypea. I’ve nearly finished the bare bones of it, but as I haven’t done this before I’m not sure when exactly it will be available. Those of you who are on my mailing list will find out as soon as I know and if you would like to be on the mailing list, you will now find a sign up form on the home page of the poetrypea website.

Don’t forget the next topic s “Afternoon break” and your deadline for that is 1st April. I’m looking forward to reading your verses for that, keep your emails coming.

A little more news.

Remember I said that I would like to put together a children’s anthology this year. I’ll tell you more about it in the next podcast, but start thinking of haiku and senryu for children as I shall be opening the submissions soon.

And in more news… I have created the first proper video for pea TV on the poetry pea youtube channel so if you would like to have some visual material you can subscribe there too.

Well, that’s it finally from me for this week. The next podcast in a couple of weeks will return to the topic of essence and of course the latest renku. I hope you’ll pay me a visit there too… Until then, keep writing…

If I’ve missed anything out in the show notes, please just email me and I’ll get back to you asap.

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