Well, putting this episode together has been a bit of an adventure but here we are, episode 20 of the 3rd series of the haiku pea podcast. I’m Patricia and I’d like to welcome to you all to a special podcast, written by the community. This time you have been taking in your surroundings looking for haiku that could be found in your everyday life. How is that different from a normal haiku? Well in this case you have found your words in the writing of others and put the words together to form haiku and senryu. You have found them in the most interesting places, other pieces of literature, music, video, T-shirts, road signs, public services, even bags! I’ve enjoyed reading them and thank you for increasing my reading list. Wherever needed you will find the source of the inspiration in the shownotes.

Some of you have asked if I can read out the haiku twice. I wish that were possible but for practical reasons, I just can’t, however, you do have the haiku in the shownotes so you can read them over and over as many times as you like. You can even read them aloud!

Don’t forget I’m taking submissions for the next topic, social issues, until the 1st November, in 2020 if you are coming to the podcast late. Remember no politics please.

Before I read this month’s terrific submissions let me just thank you for my coffees. I really appreciate you taking the time to go to the website and buy them. Thank you. Last month I used my coffee money to say thank you to my husband for all the work he does on the website and podcast. We were on holiday in Spain, Andalusia and the little town we go to has beautiful beaches and on the beaches are some lovely little chiringuito, refreshment stops along the way and when we weren’t out following the footsteps of Hemmingway, or Brenan or Woolsey we wandered down to the beach and had our coffees, people watching to the sound of gently lapping waves. Thank you.

I haven’t had time to find any previously published work, sorry, but you won’t be disappointed I have some fine work for you. The poets’ name will be read, after their work.

I’m going to start the podcast with quite a punchy verse from Christina Chin

the first home of her children
they just took out

Found:The sun and her flowers – poems by rupi kaur

Christina Chin

wild east
sound and fury
local girls

Found: on book spines

Trey Treeful

another bunny’s ears—
and another…

Found: Little Blue Truck’s Springtime

Jonathan Roman

fresh faces,
cold sweet flowers,
flakes in the darkness

Found: Tender Is the Night by Fitzgerald

Joan Barrett

Something pipes
in the trees,
a regular note

Found: Audrey Dunne (2014) ‘Hessle Foreshore at Sunset’ in Humberlands: fifteen poems about the Humber & its landscape Wordspin Publications, Hull

Roger Watson

I spread out my joy
on the grass

Found: “New Rain”, The One & the Many by Rabindranath Tagore

Debbie Strange

daylight thrush—
in the morning song
a river flows

Found: The Reverie of poor Susan- William Wordsworth

m shane pruett

even today,
the wind is always strong in
the environs of Mt.Fuji

Found: in a description of a Hokusai woodblock print from 36 views of Mt. Fuji – View from Ejiri in Suruga Province

Ian Speed

in the webbed feet of the world a wet morning

Found: Forty Years by Mary Oliver

Vandana Parashar

silent spring
in the balance

Found: Rachel Carson Silent Spring and Earth in the balance Al Gore

Bona M Santos

purple blossoms fall
into black blue sky
a giant panda

Found: Website – Pandas by Jolyn

Nicky Gutierrez

planet Earth
on the edge
the darkest goodbye

Found: on book spines

Tracy Davidson

nourishes what is
strong already

Found: Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

BA France

in all my dreams
I hear lake water lapping
how sweet the sound

Found: ‘Dulce et Decorum Est’, ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’ and ‘Amazing Grace’

Jenni Wyn Hyatt

silence taking
the world

Found: “When Death Comes” a poem by Mary Oliver

Valentina Ranaldi Adams

morning lament
the wind
such a rainy sound

Found: Morning lament – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe & The wind has such a rainy sound – Christina Georgina Rosset

Richa Sharma

the last flowers of Manet
beautiful and pointless

Found: The Last Flowers of Manet, by Robert Gordon and Andrew Forge and Beautiful and Pointless – A Guide to Modern Poetry, by David Orr

Lorraine Padden

fleurs du mal
like underground water
elegies in blue

Found: Les Fleurs du Mal by Charles Baudelaire; Like Underground Water: The Poetry of Mid-Twentieth Century Japan; Elegies in Blue: Poems by Benjamin Alire Saenz)

Alex Fyffe

new potatoes
loving their cool hardness
in our hands

Found: ‘Digging’ by Seamus Heaney

Kim Russell

have you had
a busy morning
being juicy

Marilyn Ward

knee deep in honeysuckle
the mare noses
her golden foal

Found: Teaching a Stone To Talk by Annie Dillard

Angela Terry

enamelled vessel
a rapid swing of the stern
watch the flight of birds

Found: French provincial cooking by Elizabeth David / Running a big ship The Classic Guide to Managing A Second World War Battleship by Rory O’Conor / Survival evasion and escape Department of the Army Field Manual, FM 21-76

Sarah Bint Yusef

gleaming white
in the path of the moon
restless silver

Federico Garcia Lorca’s collected poems and supplemented some of them with some Borges.

**Rosalind Horrobin

my sodding garden
Christ, I’m feeding birds – the shits
awful early weeds

Found: Philip Larkin’s letter 26 May 1974

Peter Adair

clearing the grasslands
for another sowing –
buffalo hunters

Found: Wallace Stegner’s ‘Wolf Willow’ 1962 Viking edition

Art Fredeen

pine wind…
the sad sounds of
a hill station

Found: Ruskin Bond’s short story ‘A Face in the Dark’

Srinivas S

This next one reminds me of my holidays, watching the ships cross the Mediterranean, but I know Robert’s ships are much further north.

dusk has gone
with the evening star
a lone ship light

Found: snippets of poems found on “Project Gutenberg from www.gutenberg.org”.

Robert Horrobin

In this next selection we will met a poet new to the podcast. Nika. Now Nika has an interesting hobby, he spreads the joy of haiku via postcards. I hope he will come onto the podcast soon and tell us about it.

with the word

James Young

teachers are special
bless this mess
and other prayers

Found: Teachers Are Special; Nancy Burke / Bless This Mess and Other Prayers; Jo Carr & Imogene Sorley

Barbara Carlson

the listeners
in a fish and chips queue
at lunchtime

Found: the contents page of the BBC anthology, The Nation’s Favourite Twentieth Century Poems (Editor Griff Rhys Jones).

Mike Gallagher

daring to dream?
of love–
maybe someday

Riham El-Ashry

mindfulness is better than chocolate
tiny Buddha’s
zen moment

Found: Mindfulness is better than chocolate by David Michie and Tiny Buddha by Lori Deschene

Anjali Warhadpande

getting older
getting older

Found: The Haiku Year – index of first lines


drawing circles
the eternal whirling
of wind-vanes

Found: Garcia Lorca’s ‘Pueblo’

Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo

dusk through narrow streets . . .
smoke that rises from the pipes
of lonely men

Found: TS Elliot The Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock

Marion Clarke

painting landscapes in oil
her voice there still

Found: in a book title, North Carolina Poetry Society Poetry Reading via Zoom

Craig Kittner

a large stone
on sheets of paper
a shapeless face

Found: Miro by Walter Erben


the way in which
we all suffer

Found: Nausea -Sartre

Maya Daneva

conversation –
time sandwiched with

Found: Robert Horrobin’s commentary in the summer edition of the Poetry Pea Journal

Dorothy Burrows

a monk
swimming far
beyond the field

Found: A Monk Swimming, Malachy McCourt / Far Beyond the Field, Haiku by Japanese Women, Makoto Ueda

Veronika Zora Novak

Next up a few of the musicku that were submitted to the podcast

autumn leaves
drift by my window
red and gold

Found: Song: Autumn Leaves – Ahmad Farag Elyan

Richard Bailly

ticket to ride
the long and winding road
she’s leaving home

Found: Beatles song titles

Rob McKinnon

white bird
in a golden cage
the leaves blow

Found: White Bird, It’s a Beautiful Day, 1969

Richard Tice

snap your fingers
a deep orange
now the wind

Found: an email by Malcolm Gilbert, Salem, Oregon, 15th September 2020.

Mark Gilbert

blue lagoon
sea breeze
mermaid mule

Found: vodka cocktails

Cyrille Soliman

early fog
morning glories
turn the other cheek

Found: Song lyrics and titles

Erin Castaldi

South Rim—
bluish-purple spikes of lupine
signal summer

Found: Taken from the book Grand Canyon Impressions, photography by Bernadette Heath, captions by Janet Webb Farnsworth, 2005 Farcountry Press

Kathleen Tice

for fall foliage
New England can’t be beat
mix of brilliant colors

Found: Farmer’s Almanac

Linda L Kruschke

Many of the haiku that were submitted this time made me smile and in this section I hope you will find yourself smiling along with me. Helen Buckingham, a poet new to the podcast brings us a little bit of British humour. I wonder if it translates across the globe? I’m sure you will let me know.

the price of trespass
might surpass the penalty

Found: A warning not to trespass on the railway

Richard Hargreaves

young guns pretty in pink

Found: 80’s films

Rp Verlaine

an elderly woman
moves among all the naked men,
sweeping up the trash

Found: A Beginner’s Guide to Japan: Observations and Provocations by Pico Iyer, pg. 132

Doris Lynch

Tape your registration
to rear window

Her husband renewed his registration online, and after the website for the state department of motor vehicles’ accepted his payment, it stated to print and tape your temporary registration to your rear window.

Elaine Wilburt

March to the Scaffold
bitter divorce

Ronald K Craig

scrawled in marker pen
across her kiss-me-quick hat
on your head be it!

**Helen Buckingham

coronavirus lockdown
puppies from animal shelter
visit aquarium

Found: newspaper headlines


girl before a mirror
Picasso’s lover
and her reflection

Found: Titles of artwork

Katherine E Winnick

a cotton bag
No.1 Asian food delivery
saves the planet

Found: A food delivery bag

Lekha Desai Morrison

ancient flavors
that time doesn’t change …
trip to Liguria

Found: in a restaurant in Liguria + “Viaggio in Liguria” by Giuseppe Marcenaro

Daniela Misso

riots —
school bells
ring again

Found: in the news headlines when schools re-opened on September 15th

Zahra Mughis

my abode
all my life
not mine

Found: A lecture aboutPure Land School of Haiku by DE Navarro

Willie R Bongcaron

crime and punishment.
the hero of our time.
Eugene Onegin–.


feather pillows
for sale…in-store/pick up

wendy c. bialek

frightening all reason
out of the air
the mind’s cabbage garden

Found: Gamel Woolsey – ‘Death’s other kingdom’


sweet cranberry
fall in love with autumn
all over again

Found: on Body lotion

Neena Singh

garden friends
on hot nights
a star is born

Found: Packets of tea.

Hannah Hulbert

light, earthy, complex
worthy of worship
a great wine

Found: “For Winemakers, Climate Presents a Blend of Problems” by Steve Lopez – Los Angeles Times NewspaperPrint Edition

Robert Quezada

new potatoes
loving their cool hardness
in our hands

Found in ‘Digging’ by Seamus Heaney

Kim Russell

poppy seed cake
grandma’s goodies
home fragrance

Found:recipe book

Eva Drobná

Sadly we have come to the end of the podcast today. That last section left me a bit peckish, so I’m off to the kitchen for a snack.

Thank you for coming along and listening, I hope you enjoyed it. Special thanks to all the wonderful poets we have heard from today, where would the podcast be without you?

Next time the topic is social issues, deadline 1st November. Please email your submissions to me.

The next podcast is the first Monday of November when Craig Kittner returns for the second part of his chat, we’ll have a new renku and a reading. So until then. Keep writing…

If I’ve written something incorrectly, or have left something out, please just let me know by email. Ciao

** Poets new to the podcast.

Series 3 Episode 20: Found Poetry

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