The renku takes the form of a three line haiku (no more than 17 syllables), followed by a response of two lines (no more than 14 syllables). Sounds simple enough, but that’s when it gets a little complicated. We need to link and shift, so:

The link and shift:

  • Each new verse should link to the previous one
  • The new verse should shift the renku on to new material, when compared to the previous but one verse

What are the types of link:

  • Object linkages: physical associations between objects, space or time
  • Meaning linkages: linking words in adjacent verses, perhaps using association, comparison, or contrast
  • Scent linkages: linking the emotion or mood

Extra rules:

  • Don’t use a noun that has been used in an existing verse.

If you would like to join in and submit a verse have a look at the current renku and submit

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