Adelaide B Shaw

Adelaide B. Shaw lives in Somers, NY. She has been creating Japanese poetic forms–haiku, haibun, tanka,  tanka prose and photo haiga–for nearly 50 years and has been published widely. Her collection of haiku, An Unknown Road, won third place in the Haiku Society of America’s Merit Book Award in 2009.  Her second book of haiku, The Distance I’ve Come, is available on Cyberwit and Amazon. Adelaide also writes fiction and non-fiction has been published in several journals. Some of her published Japanese short form poetry are posted on her blog.

Agnes Eva Savich

Agnes Eva Savich was born in Poland, grew up in Chicago, and settled down to raise a family in Texas, where she leads the Austin Haiku Study Group. She is a Haiku Society of America member and author of The Watcher: Poems. Her haiku have been published in haiku journals since 2004. She has won awards in international contests such as Yamadera, Basho, Golden Triangle, Betty Drevniok, Ito En, Vancouver Cherry Blossom, and Revista. Her work has been included in Wishbone Moon: Women’s Haiku Anthology, as well as Haiku 21: an Anthology of Contemporary English-Language Haiku. She loves her job at The University of Texas at Austin where she coordinates Mellon Foundation grant scholars as well as pre-collegiate summer programs. She is also an amateur oboe musician playing in local quintet Perpetual Motion.  

Agus Maulana Sunjaya

Agus Maulana Sunjaya lives in Indonesia, teaching physics and mathematics at university. He has been writing English Language haiku for 3 years, and began as a novice under the tutelage of Brendon Kent.  

Agus' work has appeared in Wales Haiku Journal, Akitsu Quarterly, NHK Masters, Frogpond, Chrysanthemum, The Asahi Haikuist Network, and Under the Basho.

Alison Breewood

Alison lives in Scotland, UK. She's been writing haiku on and off for about six years.She likes nothing more than going on a ginko in search of a haiku and writes in the shasei tradition, each haiku becoming a souvenir of a real experience. Alison tends to follow a phrase and fragment structure but also loves the use of the pivot line to meld two separate images together with a common third image.

Alison Finch

Alison lives in the United States, where she is  a writer and English teacher.  She writes haiku because I feel it is a good way to appreciate creation.  Noticing the beauty of nature and putting that down in words gives the reader a good picture in their mind. They are short, yet pack a lot of information in 3 lines. 


Alison Lock

Alison Lock writes poetry, short fiction and creative non-fiction – the author of two short story collections, three collections of poetry, and a novella, as well as contributor to several anthologies. Her short fiction has won/been listed in a number of competitions: The London Magazine, The Sentinel Literary Quarterly, The Tillie Olsen Award, The Carve Esoteric Prize. Her first collection of poetry A Slither of Air was a winner of the Indigo Dreams Poetry Collection Competition 2010. She has an MA in Literature Studies from York St John University. Her work focuses on the relationship of humans and the environment, connecting an inner world with an exploration of land and sea, a love of nature, through poetry and prose. Alison's book Lure, 2020, available from Calder Valley Poetry 

Amanda Bell

Amanda Bell is a writer and editor based in Dublin. Her collection of haiku and haibun, Undercurrents (Alba Publishing, 2016) won second prize in the HSA Kanterman Merit Book Awards and was shortlisted for a Touchstone Distinguished Books Award by the Haiku Foundation. She has also published a poetry collection, First the Feathers (Doire Press, 2017) which was shortlisted for the Shine Strong Award; an illustrated children’s book, The Lost Library (The Onslaught Press, 2017); and the loneliness of the sasquatch: a transcreation from the Irish of Gabriel Rosenstock (Alba Publishing, 2018). She began writing haiku as a form of diary, and this lead to wider reading and a deepening interest in related forms. She is assistant editor of The Haibun Journal. Amanda particularly admires haiku with a strong vertical axis, and those which leave something unsaid.

Amanda Butler
Amanda N. Butler is the author of chapbooks with Dancing Girl Press and Origami Poems Project. Her poems have been published in Frogpond, Haikuniverse, Hedgerow, and others with work forthcoming in Scifaikuest. She served as the third poet laureate of Oldsmar, FL. 
Andrea Cecon

Andrea Cecon is a hearing aids technician, a traveller, a haijin published worldwide and also an ebook apprentice. Residing in Cividale, Italy, with his wife, Russian haijin Valeria Simonova-Cecon. He finds his inspiration in memories, travels, and the everyday life.

Andrew Syor

Writing is one of the hobbies Andrew uses for personal observations and experiences (write what you know, right.)

His vlog is named “Life inspired haiku” 

Anjali Warhadpande

Anjali has published a poetry book ‘Ode to reality’, a book of short stories,’The innocuous kiss and other short stories’ and young fiction ‘Summer of ‘72 sunny side up’. Writing for me is an on going process and there are more books in the pipeline. I like to describe myself as a homemaker who writes fiction but is a poet at heart!

Anna Maris

Anna Maris writes haiku in Swedish and English. Her poems have been anthologised in ten different languages, including Japanese, Bulgarian and Farsi. She has two single collections of haiku in Swedish. Her latest haiku collection Lifedeathetc is published by Red Moon Press in the US. Anna teaches haiku at schools in Sweden within a program funded by the Swedish Arts Council. She also guest lectures at universities and colleges in Sweden. Anna is a contributor to Blithe Spirit, the haiku journal of the British Haiku Society. She is also a board member of the Swedish Haiku society. 

Last month her book "days blur" was published by Proletaria in Singapore. The book is free to download at proletaria. She also publishes her poems on instagram @haikupoeten (which means the haiku poet in Swedish).

Anne Elise Burgevin

Anne Elise Burgevin is a teacher, poet, naturalist and environmentalist. Throughout her life she has fostered awareness and a sense of wonder in her children and students about the natural world. While growing up in the Finger Lakes of central New York and then raising her children in the Seven Mountains region of central Pennsylvania, she has come to know and love the northeastern deciduous forests, and the lakes and rivers that shape and define these regions. Her haiku are an expression of her passion and concern for every living being, for whom she has deep regard, including weeds. Standing near a clump of seven foot Joe-pye weed in her yard one summer’s day, Anne’s neighbor told her, “Your yard looks wild and untended,” which Anne took as a compliment. Wild and untended are key words in Anne’s world.

Anne Elise Burgevin, M.Ed.

Poet and Creative Writing Teacher

Author of Frozen Earth



In 2011, an'ya was voted one of the top 10 living haiku poets in the world; she also writes tanka and dabbles in sumi-e. She’s the Founder of United Haiku and Tanka Society, First Editor of cattails online collected works of the UHTS, Founding Editor of the Tanka Society of America Ribbons Journal, Past Editor of TSA Newsletter, Founder/Editor of moonset literary newspaper and journal, Founder of Oregon Haiku/Tanka Society, Founder/Editor of Tanka Origins, and Editor of haigaonline. an'ya has over 150 contest wins, 9 editorships, 13 website creations, 23 books, and judged 50+ contests. She's Founder of Hortensia Anderson Haiku Awards, Samurai Haibun Contest and Fleeting Words Tanka Competition. an'ya's a 6 time winner of British Haiku/Tanka Society Competitions. She has been published in 200+ places, in-print and online. Her work's been translated into 95 different language dialects. an'ya's extended bio can be found at her website


Art Fredeen

Art Fredeen is a Professor at the University of Northern British Columbia.  A plant physiologist by training and his research centers around the ecology and physiology of sub-boreal forests.

He began writing haiku back in 1997 a few years after joining the faculty at UNBC., really feeling that he needed to connect to the nature around him in a deeper and different way from his mostly quantitative natural science research.  It worked, and he's been writing haiku ever since. 


Avi lived in the UK at the moment he is in Ethiopia on a work assignment. He enjoys reading, cooking and playing squash. Avi has been writing poetry for years, but more recently a friend  challenged him to write shorter, more succinct poems - He  experimented with Haiku but found that he wasn't quite able to fit what he wanted to say into them, and so thought of trying a double verse haiku. 

B A France

B. A. France is a poet and writer working in the Chesapeake Bay region in the United States. His poetry has appeared in several journals including Akistu Quarterly, cattails, and Shot Glass Journal. His chapbook of haibun and tanka "Season's End" is forthcoming from Alabaster Leaves, an imprint of Kelsay Books, in the spring of 2021. 

B S Saroja

B S Saroja is Indian and a graduate in Science and a post graduate in literature.

She writes as a hobby and has written articles and poems, few short stories in Kannada, her mother tongue. She has been writing in English for four years.

Bakhtiyar Amini

Bakhtiyar Amini was born in Tajikistan and is the author of three poetry books. He writes haiku and senryu in Russian, Tajik-Persian and English.

Awards and Other Honors:

The Heron's Nest Award and Editors' Choice Vol. XXI, No. 4: December 2019.

Books Published:

Nikahe nigah ("Marriage of glances"), 1994, Dushanbe, Tajikistan; Ba dunbale chashmha ("Following my eyes"), 2012, Dushanbe, Tajikistan; Tвоя модная улыбка - haiku and senryu ("Your trendy smile"), 2014, Odessa, Ukraine.


"flock of crows" - Haikuniverse, January 18, 2020; "field of flowers" - Presence issue #65, 2020; "refugee camp"- The Heron's Nest Award, The Heron's Nest Vol. XXI, No. 4 December 2019; difficult decision - World Haiku Conference Anthology, 2019; "sunflowers" and "for a minute"- Akita International Haiku Network, World Haiku Series 2019.

Bakhtiyar's haiku Foundation registry page.

Barbara Carlson

Barbara Carlson has written over 300 haiku since retiring from teaching. She thinks it’s fun to edit books, travel, solve puzzles, and whitewater raft. Skydiving in tandem remains on the bucket list. A Southern California native, she is now moving to New Mexico from South Carolina.

Barun Saha

Barun Saha has been published in Atlas Poetica, Blithe Spirit, NeverEnding Story, The Bamboo Hut, and Wales Haiku Journal.

Ben Gaa

Ben Gaa is “your friendly neighborhood haiku poet” from St. Louis, Missouri. He is a Pushcart nominee and the author of the 2018 Touchstone Award winning Wishbones (Folded Word 2018). His latest book, One Breath, is a full length collection of haiku and senryu now available from Spartan Press at an on-line bookseller near you. He is also the author of three chapbooks, Fiddle in the Floorboards (Yavanika Press 2018), Blowing on a Hot Soup Spoon (poor metaphor 2014) and the Pushcart nominated Wasp Shadows (Folded Word 2014). His poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies around the globe. He has a degree in Creative Writing from Knox College, works as a Senior IT Functional Analyst for MilliporeSigma, and enjoys travel, music, art and other worldly meanderings. 

His Books:

One Breath


Beth Cusack

Beth Cusack calls Earth home and resides in Texas. She, husband Tim, and their rescue dog Marsha “reverse-nested” out of their home of 20 years to move to her parents’ town. She is involved in advocacy for education, literacy, voting access, environment, and clean water.

Bucket list includes day-long hikes in more national parks. Perhaps she won’t get lost and miss the redwood forest again. That missed turn led to a happy accident of discovering San Francisco’s Lands End.

Published in 2020, Making Monster Soup is her first children's book she wrote and illustrated in watercolor and ink. In 2009, Beth pioneered a Tennessee community project while raising her family in Texas. She conducted personal interviews with neighbors in the town where her maternal grandparents lived. The result of compiling correspondence and interviews was 39 chapters written in the voices of 39 authors. In 2017, she self-published that project into a book, Mascot: Memoirs from a Zinc Mining Town. Since she and her mother were co-editors, Beth donates the royalties of the Mascot book to the Friends of the Knox County Public Library in honor of her grandparents who lived in Mascot over 60 years.

Beth can be reached at Both her books are available on Amazon. She’s available for art commissions, article writing, editing, and looking for a publisher for her poetry collection. Follow her on Goodreads: and her Amazon Author’s page

Bhawana Rathore

Bhawana Rathore has a deep interest in anthropology and genetics. She enjoys good books, music and is inspired by nature. Her work has been published in Cattails, Prune Juice, Under the Basho and FemkuMag. She mostly writes rhyming free verses. 

Bhawana Upadhyay

Bhawana Upadhyay  is a Social Development Practitioner by profession, a writer and a poet,  by choice.  She  shares some of her poems on Twitter  with the hashtag -#HaikuTime.  Bhawana's work has been published in national and international journals, magazines and newspapers.  She is also planning to publish an anthology of poems shortly.

Bill O'Sullivan

Bill 0'Sullivan has long been a prose writer, specifically of the personal essay, and that's what he teaches as well.  He  took up haiku in late 2017 as kind of a hobby, At first he stuck to the 5-7-5 format with zero intention to publish. Having spent about a year doing that, Bill paused for a while, then came back to it but without the syllable format. The path has been somewhat instinctual and enigmatic  but he believes he couldn't have gotten to the haiku he's writing now without going through the first stage.

Billy Antonio

Billy Antonio is a poet, writer, and public school teacher. He is the author of the chapbooks where it was (Clare Songbirds Publishing House,  New York) and Losing a Balloon (Alien Buddha Press). Some of his fiction and poetry have been published in journals, magazines (print and online), and anthologies. His poetry has won international recognition. He and his family live in the Philippines.


Bisshieis the writing name used by Patricia McGuire. Patricia is a podcaster, writer and editor. She creates and edits the haiku pea podcast and the quarterly haiku and senryu journal of poetrypea.

She lives in Switzerland.

Bruce Lomas

Bruce Lomas is a recently retired Episcopal priest who dabbles with various poetic forms. He is married, loves craft beer and is an avid cyclist. He finds haiku’s challenging and a way to help him make the most of seventeen syllables. Bruce lives in Delaware but is originally from Massachusetts making him a diehard Red Sox fan.

Bryan Myers

Bryan Myers has been published in Red Fez, Whirlwind Magazine, Entropy, Nightingale & Sparrow, MyWorldAbroad, Beatdom, Vietnam Insider, and forthcoming in Mineral Lit Mag. For the last 18 months, he's been traveling around the world, visiting 12 countries last year. He has self-published 13 books.

His book of haiku written from Bali is Like An Unemployed Journalist, Trapped in My Own Mind: Bali Haikus.

His website is

Carrie Ann Thunell

CarrieAnn (CAT) Thunell has had poetry/art published in over 75 print magazines.  She edited the Nisqually Delta Review, which ran for 3 years. Her haiga is on Simply Haiku, and Haigaonline. She has appeared in several of Robert Epstein’s haiku anthologies, and is also in HAIKU HARVEST: 2000-2006, Modern English Tanka Press C 2007. Her book, Deep Gyn-Ecology Trusts In The Earth: Poetry for the Planet is  available through Amazon.

Christina Chin

Christina Chin is from Kuching, Sarawak. She writes haiku, creates meaningful short videos and participates in art exhibitions. She has haiku, haiga, senryu, tanka and gogyoshi published both in print and online with several reputable anthologies and journals. Her photo-haiku won her first place in the 8th Setouchi Matsuyama International Photo-Haiku Contest of 2019 which she received a Grand Prix Award from the Honorable Katsuhito Noshi 野志 克仁, Mayor of Matsuyama City. 

Christina is published in three multilingual Haiku Anthology Vols 3 to 5 and in one of Japan's biggest haiku monthly magazine for [Haikukai] (俳句界) which features saijiki examples selected by Nagata Mitunori and Mine Mukose.

Clifford Rames

Clifford Rames holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Writing from Plymouth University in New Hampshire. After graduation, Clifford spent five years in Croatia, first as a journalist, then later as an administrator for a small non-profit group working in a Bosnian refugee camp. In 2008 Clifford became a Certified Sommelier and served in the renown Plaza Hotel in New York City. A former contributing editor for The SOMM Journal and Tasing Panel magazines, Clifford enjoys writing wine and spirits-related content, as well as music, short fiction, children's picture books, and—more recently—haiku. While still new to the haiku scene, Clifford's poems have appeared in The Haiku Foundation Troutswirl Blog, Failed Haiku—A Journal of English Language Senryu, Blithe Spirit, Hedgerow, Modern Haiku, and The Bamboo Hut. Clifford also posts original haiku on his Instagram page. In his free time he loves hanging out with his two cockapoos, Bandit and Lola. 

Constance Bourg

Constance Bourg is a poet and flash fiction writer from Belgium. She studied with the Open University (UK) whilst living in Ireland. 

Corine Timmer

Corine Timmer is an interior designer, animal lover, award-winning haiku poet, publisher, and a self-published author. She lives in the countryside in the south of Portugal with 10 street dogs and other animals, including her beloved donkey, Lolita. Corine’s haiku have been published in various respected print and web haiku journals and anthologies. She has recently published an anthology of pig haiku in celebration of the Year of the Pig. Corine is a member of the British and American haiku societies. 

Craig Kittner
Craig Kittner was born in Canton, Ohio in 1968 and took up residence in Wilmington, North Carolina in 2012. Between those two events, he lived in 14 different towns in 8 states and the District of Columbia. He has worked as a gallery director, magazine writer, restaurant owner, and blackjack dealer. Recent publications include Human/Kind Journal, Shot Glass Journal, The Heron's Nest, and Bones. He currently serves as contest director for the North Carolina Poetry Society. Craig is fond of birds, cats, and rain . . . but rarely writes of cats.

Craig has written a book, Time's Sweet Savor Poetry.


Damir Damir

Damir Damir was born in today's non-existent Yugoslavia (present day Montenegro). A sailor by profession, a poet by vocation, and a dharma bum by choice. Back home in Belgrade Damir is the president of Haiku Poetry Lovers Association Santoka. He has published three collections of haiku poems Imprints of dreams, Freedom in the Mist and Filigree Memories. His poems have been published in many significant contemporary haiku journals and anthologies, both in the country and abroad. He is the winner of several international haiku awards. 

Deborah A Bennett
Deborah A. Bennett grew up in the midwest in a family of artists, and, from her childhood, found her own expression in the visual and literary arts. Her haiku and black and white photography can, at this time, be found on Instagram and Twitter.
Daniela Misso

Daniela Misso is a haiku poet from Italy who has had haiku published in Italian anthologies and  journals, blogs and e-zines worldwide. She resides in a medieval village in Umbria where enjoys observing nature.

Some of her haiku were recently published in journals including The Asahi Shimbun, The Haiku Foundation, FemkuMag and in the anthologies of Haiku Column

She is in the Italian volume of haiku Tra meridiani e paralleli V stagione

David J Kelly

David is an ecologist, based in Dublin, Ireland. His hobbies can be summarised as birds and words. His short form poetry has been widely published He has two published books, the first, Hammerscale from the Thrush's Anvil is available on Alba Publishing his second collection, Small Hadron Divider, was published by Red Moon Press in April 2020.

David Oates
David Oates is a teacher and the host of Wordland, a radio show of stories, poems, comedy, and the occasional song on He wrote the haiku collections Shifting with My Sandwich Hand, Drunken Robins, and The Deer’s Bandanna, and the poetry-and-fiction collection Night of the Potato
Debbie Strange

Debbie Strange has made her home in each of the four western Canadian provinces. She has written poetry and songs since childhood. She is also an avid photographer and enjoys exploring the wilds with her husband in "Ludwig", their lime green 1978 Volkswagen camper van. Photographs of their adventures often inspire her haiku, tanka and visual art. 

She maintains a publication and award archive on her blog.

Deborah P Kolodji

Deborah P Kolodji is the California Regional Coordinator for the Haiku Society of America and on the Board of Directors for Haiku North America.   She has published over 1000 haiku and her first full length book, highway of sleeping towns, won a Touchstone Distinguished Book Award from The Haiku Foundation.

Devin Harrison

Devin Harrison is Canadian, originally from Montreal in Québec, but has lived on Vancouver Island for a number of years.

He studied East Asian Studies at the University of Toronto (emphasis Japanese studies).  For most of his life he was a teacher working in Texas and California in the USA, and later in Mexico, Thailand and Colombia. He is now retired.

He loves the outdoors and likes hiking along the west coast.

Devin used to be a regular poet, published in numerous journals but more recently got into haiku.

His haiku book came out in 2017 is called Meeting Myself at the Gate and can be found on Amazon.


Dianne Garcia

Dianne Garcia lives in the state of Washington -- the Pacific Northwest, an evergreen corner of the US. She thinks the frequent northwest rain nurtures creative endeavor: as "shopping local" can include Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, and Starbucks. Certainly, her rainy-day walks are filled with haiku moments. Dianne has been secretary for the Haiku Society of America and enjoys the friendly Haiku Northwest community. 

Djurdja Vukelic Rozic

Djurdja Vukelic Rozic was born in 1956 in Croatia. Writer and translator, she is the principal editor of haiku print magazine IRIS and webzine IRIS International in English. She works within the Haiku Association Three Rivers, Ivanić-Grad, Croatia, which she founded with her husband, haiku poet as well and some haiku pals in her town. For her short stories, poetry and haiku she received many a award and recognition at home and abroad.

Doris Lynch

Doris Lynch has recent work in Frogpond, Modern Haiku, Contemporary Haibun Online, Drifting Sands, and FemkuMag. She won the Genjuan International Haibun Grand Prix Award in 2017.  She also writes and publishes “longer form” poetry. She has lived in places as diverse as arctic Alaska, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Berkeley, CA, and Bloomington, IN where she now lives with her husband and son.

Dorothy Burrows

Dorothy Burrows is based in the United Kingdom. She finds that walking in the countryside inspires her to write. When on holiday, she regularly composes haiku to capture moments and images from her travels.

eddy lee

Eddy Lee lives in Germany. Her work has appeared in journals including Frogpond, Acorn, Contemporary Haibun Online and Haibun Today

Edward Cody Huddleston
Edward Cody Huddleston lives in south Georgia. His days are spent making radio and his nights are spent writing.  
Elaine Patricia Morris

Elaine Patricia Morris is retired. She has been writing haiku for five or six years.

Elaine Wilburt

A graduate of Middlebury College, Elaine Wilburt received a 2019 Creatrix Haiku Award and lives in Maryland with her husband, five children, mother, and one spoiled dog. She enjoys baking bread and other treats for her family.

Elaine began writing haiku about two years ago. Her haiku, senryu, haibun, and photo haiku and haiga have appeared in many genre-specific journals, including Frogpond, Modern Haiku, and Wales Haiku Journal. Jalmurra selected one of her poems as its “Best Micropoem of 2019.” Her fiction and Western-tradition poems have appeared in The Cresset, Gyroscope Review, Route 7 Review, Heart of Flesh, and Ekphrastic Review, among others. She volunteers as a copy editor for Better Than Starbucks.

Elder Gideon

Elder Gideon holds an MFA in poetry, keeps a decades-long iconography practice, teaches high school English to underrepresented students, and is in discipleship learning the oral tradition of a Gnostic master, Tau Malachi, with whom he co-authored "Gnosis of Guadalupe" (EPS Press, 2017).

Elder Gideon thrives in collaboration. He produced and performed his chapbook “Owl Songs” set to original music by Sean Wall. This is available on all music streaming services. Collaborating with Sean Wall, and Canadian filmmaker Bevan Klassen, Elder Gideon produced and narrated an experimental documentary “Dark Before Dawn,” which will debut with Woven Tale Press summer 2020.

Elder Gideon is queer. He writes from a metaphysical urgency. This selection (in addition to fifteen already published) come from his first manuscript "Aegis of Waves," for which he's seeking publication.

Elisa Theriana

Elisa Theriana, a computer programmer from Bandung, Indonesia. A haiku-tanka lover and Photography enthusiast. Always in quest of hidden beauty.

Erin Castaldi

Erin Castaldi is the poet laureate for the city of Somers Point, New Jersey. In this role she brings haiku poetry in particular, to her southern New Jersey communities.

Her book Evensong On The Great Egg is published by Moonstone Press.

Eva Drobná

Eva Drobná lives in Slovakia where she is an active pensioner and teacher of the Slovak language.

Besides haiku, she enjoys writing Slovak poetry and prose and has written two books: Haiku in the Stream of Life and Searching in the Pedigree.

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