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The autumn edition of the

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is now available.


Pea TV Moments

Let’s help cheer the world up a little bit.  We all need more haiku just at the moment. Send a short nature video (MP4 format, landscape mode, approximately 20secs long) with a related haiku via email.  I can do the rest.


I’m delighted to say that the haiku pea podcast is now in its fourth series. A maximum of three verses will be selected per month, per poet, one of which will be read on the podcast and all the accepted verses will be  in the quarterly Journal (Print and Kindle versions). See the submissions page.


The Haiku Pea Podcast  is a bi-monthly podcast which alternately ponders haiku issues and features poets writing on a specific topic. You can find the topics listed in the submissions menu. Why not email your haiku and senryu?

Haiku Pea Projects

  • Creating  renku: If you would like to take part in this writing project please contact us by email
  • Pea TV Moments – watch short videos and haiku created by the Poetry Pea community
  • Quarterly Poetry Pea Journal of haiku & senryu in print and on kindle
  • New: Use the #poetrypea on Instagram and tag @pealogic for all your haiku and senryu

If you would like to submit a haiku or senryu for the podcast, Pea TV Moments, the journal and the website please read the submissions page, check out this year’s topics and get in touch. Submissions of haiku and senryu are only accepted via email.

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